Pushing Forward Back November/December 2018

Back at November

November didn’t begin with a long weekend, unlike the last few months. However, it did end with a long weekend as I was off extra from Nov. 21 to Nov. 25, including our 22nd wedding anniversary on Nov. 23.

Before that long weekend, we did get a short weekend away on Nov. 10 and 11, as we went to Maryland for a baby shower for one of Kim’s sisters, then the next weekend, I worked on my one Saturday of the month and then watched the NASCAR championship race with neighbors that Sunday.

The shower itself went well, but we had to leave the hotel we were staying at (the in-laws’ house was full) because of roaches. In our case, it was dead roaches. In the case of some other family members who were staying at the hotel, we learned the next morning, there were live roaches. We ended up back at the in-laws anyway and, though it was overcrowded, we made it work.

Thanksgiving Week, we participated in a “hate watch” of all the Twilight movies, inspired by a friend on Instagram. We were assisted by copious amounts of alcohol and Rifftrax. Thanksgiving Day, we had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. On our anniversary, we didn’t go out to dinner, but instead stayed in, ate leftovers, and watched Crazy Rich Asians, which was amazing. Then over the last three days of my long weekend, I reread The River Why by David James Duncan for Thankfully Reading Weekend 2018.

Other than that, the primary focus (obviously) the rest of the month was on getting good, restful sleep. And on that front, I succeeded, as with my CPAP, my numbers stayed below four incidents per hour. Before the CPAP, the number was 87 (!!!!), thus necessitating the CPAP in the first place.

Forward to December

December comes in like a lion and hopefully will go out like a lamb. Tomorrow is an annual Christmas event in our town, Dickens of a Christmas, and I am working at the library, where we have a book sale (today and tomorrow). We won’t see a lot of patrons, as they are trying to avoid town and most of the visitors aren’t buying books but are partaking of cookies and cider provided by our library’s Friends group and using our facilities. All in all, it is a hellish day, especially for an introvert like myself who loathes crowds.

The following three weeks are (should be) uneventful with the only thing of note on the agenda a staff Christmas luncheon next Friday, with the library closing early, meaning that next weekend begins early.

The month ends with a long series of days where I’m on vacation (starting on Friday, Dec. 21) and the library is closed (Saturday through Tuesday, the day after Christmas) interrupted by two days of work on Thursday, Dec. 27 and Friday, Dec. 28. Those two days could be as atrocious as (the?) Dickens, as we could have lots of books (and movies) to shelve and most patrons coming in for movies. But it will be OK, since we will have spent time with my parents and sister and her family Christmas Day (the worst is really over *just kidding, for sister who will be reading this*) and I have a holiday weekend to look forward to (the best is yet to come *2019*). I say “I” because my wife, who is a 911 dispatcher, will be working all weekend. However, unlike years past where we haven’t been together New Year’s Eve, we should be able to be together this year, because Tuesday is one of her regular days off. Fingers crossed.

So how was your month of November? Read any good books, seen any good movies and/or TV shows, listened to any good music? What was the highlight of your month? What are you looking forward to in December? Share in the comments.

Our Thanksgiving Week 2018


…our Thanksgiving Week went exactly as I outlined last post:

  1. I watched the Monster Energy NASCAR Championship with neighbors. My driver, Martin Truex Jr., did not win the title, but he was “in the mix” at the end.
  2. Kim and I did a “hate watch” of the Twilight movies from Sunday night through Wednesday, with the help of Rifftrax and alcohol.
  3. It was just the two of us for Thanksgiving dinner as Kim worked the midnight shift that night and we were unable to go to my parents because she still needed to sleep before going in.
  4. Friday, Kim and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary by staying in and eating leftovers.
  5. Friday, Saturday, and today, I participated, and still am participating, in the 2018 edition of Thankfully Reading Weekend (click on the link on image above for more information).

Since Friday, I reread most of this book and plan to finish it. I will admit that I skimmed parts of it in the beginning, because Duncan can be long-winded. I had forgotten about that since I read probably more than 20 years ago, when I was still in college. That said, I am enjoying it, especially my favorite part in the book, which still is my favorite part in the book, and am not rushing the rest of it. I am letting it flow over me over three days, including today, cleanse my soul, and hopefully refresh my reading mojo.

Over the weekend, we also watched this movie:

…and it was great. Neither of us have read the book, so we can’t speak to it, but the movie was amazing. It’s one from this year that you need to see.

How was your week/weekend/holiday? Was reading included? If so, read anything good? Watch anything good?