The report of my hometown library’s death was an exaggeration

Paraphrasing Mark Twain’s quote, my report recently of my hometown library’s death was an exaggeration.

Click through to the fundraising page to donate:

Or for those of you not on Facebook, you can mail your donation by check (the library is a 501c3 organization and can send you a receipt for tax purposes) to New Albany Community Library, 4610 Route 220, New Albany, PA 18833.

Again just to clarify: This is the library in the town where I grew up. This is not the library where I work, The Green Free Library in Wellsboro, which is in the town that I live.

My sister also wrote a post about the library, a much more thoughtful post than mine. I encourage you to go read her post to learn more about the people of the library– and the town.