Sometimes you just have to laugh… 

…so you don’t cry. 

Although we didn’t plan it, over the last few weeks Kim and I have been watching a series of comedy specials on Netflix that run counter to the racism being displayed in our country, especially this past week:

  • Iranian-American Maz Jobrani’s Immigrant
  • Indians Vir Das and Aditi Mittal’s specials Abroad Understanding and Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say, respectively
  • Indian-American’s Hasan Minhaj’s Homecoming King
  • and Filipino-American Jo Koy’s Live from Seattle.

        All were good, but especially good was Minhaj’s special because of his poignant stories about his growing up Muslim in southern California. Also worth noting is Das and Mittal’s addressing India’s anti-homosexuality laws. Das does his special in Delhi in a stadium and New York in a small comedy club, highlighting not only the differences, but also the commonalities of cultures. 

        Instead of leaving you with trailers from all of them, I’ll leave you with this clip from Minhaj: