#AMonthofFaves: Our Favorite Book to TV Adaptations

I’m joining hosts Girlxoxo, Traveling with T, and Estella’s Revenge for their 4th annual #AMonthofFaves blog event – “a fun way to recap the year that was” – during the month of December. Today’s topic is “Favorite Book to TV or Movie Adaptations” from this year.

My (and my wife’s) favorite, without any question was, and is:

I only read the first book in the series and made it through about a quarter of the second before giving up. I wasn’t that interested in the series, plus we don’t have HBO. However, when our library director started getting the series on DVD and a couple of coworkers started watching it and saying how good it was, we finally caved…and we fell hard. We binge-watched the first six seasons and then couldn’t wait for the seventh season to come out on DVD so we bought it on streaming.

Honorable Mention

I haven’t read the book by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker…yet, but I did buy an ebook copy that I hope to get to in the new year. My wife and I both enjoyed Season 1 of the Netflix Original series, and we look forward to seeing the second.

What were/are some of your favorite book to TV or movie adaptations from this year?