My First DNF of The Year

28962895Last year I had a lot of DNFs (books that I did-not-finish), but I don’t know exactly how many because I didn’t keep track. This year I’m going to keep track on Goodreads, starting with my first one for this year: IQ┬áby Joe Ide. I thought I’d like this so I even bought this one when it was on sale recently on Kindle. Unfortunately, neither the storyline in the present nor the storyline in the past kept my attention so I abandoned it after 135 pages.

I know other book bloggers that have a limit of 50 pages before they’ll DNF a book. Sometimes I don’t even make it that far and other times I make it almost to the end. For me, the criterion is I’ll abandon the book whenever I’m not “feeling” it. It could be page 10 or page 410 of a 420 page book (although I admit that would be very rare). I am not one of those readers who believes they have to finish the book. I’m not getting paid to review the books and in fact, I don’t do reviews for publishers or anyone else, so if I don’t want to finish the book, I don’t have to. So there (insert emoticon with tongue sticking out)!

What is your criterion/criteria for abandoning a book or are you one of those readers who have to finish a book no matter what? Also do you ever return to a book that you DNFed? I have one that I keep trying to get through: H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald. Like IQ, I got it through a Kindle deal so it’s on my Kindle whenever or if I want to return to it.