Going to the chapel…

…and we’re gonna watch two people get married.

Kim and I are leaving tomorrow for a wedding on Saturday of a relative of hers, and by extension of mine. The wedding is in Ohio, just west of Cleveland, late Saturday afternoon – and actually is taking place in a chapel with the reception in an old school building on the same site.

As a result, we won’t be back until late Sunday and my normal blogging schedule is being put on hold until Monday when I will do my monthly Library Checkout post.

In the meantime, though, you can follow our adventures on Instagram with the hashtag #bryanandkimgetthehelloutofdodge, our new hashtag when we leave town. There will be no tags or photos of the bride and groom.

See y’all back here on Monday.

Welcome To My New Blog!

Here I go again…

…on yet another blog.

The semi-short version of what happened to my previous blog

Last weekend I was told by my hosting provider that my domain was shut down for a violation of Terms of Service. I contacted them and was told that my domain was sending out spam e-mails, and that I would need to correct the problem before the site could be put back up. However, the hosting company technicians couldn’t find the problem (bad script, they said) and that I would need to hire a professional service to find the bad script. I researched such companies and learned  they would cost at least $300.

My hosting already was set to expire mid-April and another $300 on top of almost $250 was, and is, not something I could, and can, afford, especially because for the last few years we’ve owed for taxes and haven’t gotten a refund. So I decided to cut my losses and let my blog (and a previous blog, which I had held on to a few years, because I didn’t know what to do with it) go.

I have since learned my previous blog posts are still available up until 2012 here on WordPress.com so if I ever do figure out what to do with them, they’re still there. The main posts I’d like to keep were those I wrote about preparing for a 25-mile trail hike. Otherwise, que sera, sera.

On Wednesday, we had our taxes done and we didn’t owe as much as we had expected, by a long shot, thanks to taking out more last year from my paychecks at the library. So today, I “splurged” $35 for this blog, with no ads, and a custom domain with a .blog address, a lot better than the $550 it could have been — and here I am.

About This Blog

With this blog, as with a few other blogs I have had, I am keeping it simple: a journal of what I’m reading, what I’m watching, and what I’m listening to. No highfalutin concepts as I’ve had in the past. I might add  what I’m photographing too, but usually you can find that on my Instagram account. I also can be found on Twitter and have a Facebook page.

On Sundays, I still plan on participating in The Sunday Salon and visiting blogs that participate as well as those that don’t. Please feel free to leave a comment. I have to go check my settings, but I might set it up where I have to approve your first comment here. After that, hopefully they will just go through without any problems.

See y’all Sunday when I’ll catch ya up with my latest reading.

Until then…