April 2023: In the rearview

Here’s where I’m starting my morning.

So today with this being the last day in April, I thought I’d look back at the month for me (and my wife, in a couple of instances):

Above is where we’re starting the last day of the month: in Tuscany with Flavour Trip. Click the link above to see more and be sure to check out the description where they give not only the playlist, but also what they are doing during the set.

It’s a good place to end the month as toward the end of the month (this past week), Kim and I were commemorating the two-year anniversary of the passing of her mother and best friend in the same week. We remembered them with fun TV and chill music, like that embedded above. The month began also with a milestone for Kim, albeit a happier one as she celebrated her 53rd birthday with my 54th coming up in June. Midway through the month, we went to Coachella (virtually) in California for two weekends. The highlights of Coachella for us were Rosalia, Bad Bunny, and the trio of deejays Four Tet, Skrillex and Fred Again…last Sunday. To be honest, most of the artists and bands we didn’t “get,” especially some of the names (kids, these days).

Since this blog started sort of as a book blog, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what I’ve been reading. I’ve been (continuing to) slowly make my way through The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When The World Overwhelms You by Elaine N. Aron, Ph. D. I don’t relate to everything she rites about and think sometimes she leans too much on trauma, but overall, I’m finding it helpful in understanding myelf as an HSP. A friend recommended the book several years ago and only now am I finally getting to it after buying a copy. I decided to get a copy after realizing how dense the subject matter is. It’s not a quick read, at least, not for me.

I “need to” read some fiction, but nothing has been “grabbing me.” Mostly, we’ve been watching this and that on various streaming platforms, from Ted Lasso, Schmigadoon, and Shrinking on Apple TV to new discoveries for us like Bored to Death and old favorites like Robot Chicken on HBO Max (soon to be Max – eyeroll).

I probably could write more but since I’ve been chilling to the music and have been paused in draft for about half an hour, I guess I’ll end here.

How was your April? Any highlights in reading, TV/movies, or music? Feel free to share in the comments. (I’m also restarting to use my Substack. To see it – I’ll be updating the design soon – and subscribe, click here.)

5 thoughts on “April 2023: In the rearview

  1. It’s funny – I always feel the opposite, like I “need to” read some nonfiction, but nothing catches my fancy.


    1. Much of the time, except for self-help, nonfiction doesn’t “work” for me. Maybe it’s all “too real” and why I lean toward reading fiction, to escape sometimes into the absurd. Maybe why I like shows like Doom Patrol, so far out there.


  2. April was a busy and fun month for me and Ted Lasso is a fun part of that. I just love this show!


      1. I traveled to the east coast to see a friend and I went to Vegas to see 2 other friends. I read really good books, went for walk with friends, and worked. Whew!

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