Midweek Check-In: The Importance of Rest

Since I haven’t been around much on social media (thinking about ditching the last place I’m on, Instagram, to be honest) or here, I thought I’d give you snippets from my online journal app from the first three days of this week. This is not a cry for help or advice, just giving you an idea of where my head is lately.


So, starting where I am today…I’m at the laundromat with Kim.

Got a good night’s rest since I knew that I’d have to be up early with Kim.

Speaking of rest, that seems to be what “the universe” is trying to tell me. Last week, I saved an episode from Chad Lawson’s podcast Calm It Down on “The Rhythm of Rest” and today, I saved another episode on rest from Niall Breslin’s podcast Where is My Mind? on “The Rest Revolution” with a doctor and author on the topic.

Here’s a playlist with both episodes:


So, starting where I am today….up at 640, took out trash, fed cat, shaved, and now sitting in recliner, listening to Moby’s album Play. I couldn’t settle on a meditation/podcast to listen to this morning, because nothing seemed to be “the right thing.” I really couldn’t listen to one about hope or another recycled one from Headspace about tragedy. I’m not feeling hope and am (not really) processing tragedy, yet another school shooting yesterday.

So, I’m listening to “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?” and I know why.


So, starting where I am today…here in my recliner, journaling, listening to music now (Charlotte de Witte and others) and later those podcasts about rest.

Here’s a playlist of Charlotte and others:

7 thoughts on “Midweek Check-In: The Importance of Rest

  1. Honestly, I need to learn better how to rest. I’ve learned how to sit down and stop moving, but it’s not rest. It’s watching TV or scrolling through mindless social media. I’m not very good at sitting with my own thoughts.


    1. Journaling has helped me some. As for social media, as mentioned on your blog, I’m not on anything really except IG and even that reluctantly. I think, and I was just talking to a friend on the phone about this, I like the written word and not just as a caption or 140 characters. Which is why even though blogging has given up, I haven’t/can’t? give up blogging…even if as you’ve mentioned on your blog, it’s just for yourself.


  2. Rest is highly underrated in the US if you ask me. We always want to be seen as “busy” and “working hard,” but don’t appreciate rest enough. I try to get my 8 hours of sleep every night and enjoy my restful time during the day when I read or just think. The recent news is just awful as well, which doesn’t help.


    1. Nope, news doesn’t help. Since this post…and maybe, as a result of, I took a partial mental health day. In part because of “the recent news,” but also just…well…everything.


      1. I think mental health days are highly underrated. With my current jobs, I feel like I get a lot of downtime in which I can take a break from it all and it’s really helping.


    1. I didn’t get to listen to both podcasts yet, but I’ve listened to the one…and it’s a continuing theme I need to hear about resting after being burnt out with work.


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