Where I am right now

So, I just thought I’d give you a post, starting where I am right now and go from there:

It took my wife Kim and I about 20 minutes to find this, after surfing through various café jazz channels on YouTube. The coffee shops and houses in the visuals weren’t what I wanted, so my wife suggested a Studio Ghibli theme. We both find the movies strange and not particularly our cup of tea, but we like the animation and it is a nice place to start our Sunday morning.

For Kim, it is perfect after a 12-hour workday/night before a day off; for me, fitting as I ended my work week yesterday and because of a new part-time work schedule (by our choice), only working one day this coming week.

That said, what am I going to do with my time this week? Besides helping Kim here around the house and running errands here and there, I plan on catching up on some Tara Brach meditations and talks via Spotify, a little bit of reading, and a little bit of journaling. Amongst all that, we’ll take time to watch some fun things, including the Rifftrax version of Dune tonight:

As for what I’m reading, I have lots of choices from frivolous fiction to thoughtful nonfiction in print, ebook, and audio. I won’t recite them all here, but will let you know next week what I dipped and delved into.

How about you? Where is your head at today and where will it be this coming week?

3 thoughts on “Where I am right now

  1. No matter how much I try to keep my weeks lean, they do tend to fill up. This special needs prom thing on Friday will be a lot of fun for the honored guests. I am hoping their enthusiasm carries me through a long work day and then evening. I do love to work this event though.


  2. Since losing my job last month and now working part time (hoping for full time, I’ll get there), I find my days are full. Oh if only I could stick with part time, but oddly, no one wants to pay me a full time salary for part time work (lol).


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