The 20 Songs in 2022 I Had On Repeat

Last week I shared my favorite moments of 2022 in photos; this week, I’m sharing the 20 songs in 2022 I had on repeat, and in the next few weeks, I’ll share my favorite movies, TV series, and, of course, books, as ostensibly, I started as a book blogger. The reasons I’m behind are myriad, but my wife, I, and our families are all okay (now/briefly, my mother had a gallbladder removed this past week, but is home today). For now, here is a playlist of 20 songs last year I couldn’t get enough of:

What were some of the songs or albums that you had on repeat last year? They don’t have to be from last year either.

7 thoughts on “The 20 Songs in 2022 I Had On Repeat

  1. What an eclectic list of songs, I love it. For me, the ’80s ruled in 2022 with my “Best of the ’80s” on replay over and over. And now I need a break so I have some playlists from my daughter and a niece that I am enjoying.


      1. Here’s a sampling of their artists: Sylvan Esso; Ray LaMontagne; Maggie Rogers; Flor Morrissey; Bahamas; Amy Winehouse; Five Islands….

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