My Favorite Moments of 2022 in Photos

This is not what I intended to do with a year-end wrap-up and not posting it on January 1 of the new year, but here we are. Maybe later in the month, I’ll give you my “normal” best of books, movies and TV, and music posts or post after

  • my left wrist and forearm have healed, or are continuing to heal, from a sprain from falling on the ice in our driveway in mid- to late December.
  • adjusting to blood pressure medication I started taking today
  • changing from full-time to part-time towards the end of the month at the library where I work. It is for a variety of reasons too complex to explain here and now, but we’re okay overall and thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers, if you have any to spare as we start 2023.

But for now, without too much further ado, here are My Favorite Moments of 2022 in Photos:

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Moments of 2022 in Photos

  1. I love the photo montage! I do hope you and Kim are okay and will send positive thoughts your way as we enter 2023. Happy New Year!


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