Interrupting the doing

It’s a little bit before noon Saturday as I begin to write this. I’m in the midst of listening to two parts of a talk by Tara Brach titled “Beyond the Controlling Self” that she gave in 2019.

In the first part, she asks, “What can we do if caught in overdoing/overcontrolling?” with the answer to be mindful and “choose to stop the doing” and “to interrupt the doing.”

She talks about how it is important in our day to take pauses that invite us to beingness. I also am a strong believer in taking those pauses, that pause, in our week. It is what I am doing today and this weekend as I don’t have to work either today or tomorrow.

Initially, or at least as of yesterday, this was not the plan for today as I signed up for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, which is happening today, at the last moment. But I realized that I have my phone set up to block Instagram, where I was planning to post updates, for the weekend. While I could have changed the settings, I also realized that I didn’t want to do that and after another week at work, I needed to “interrupt the doing” and pause.

So here I am, interrupting the doing. Namaste.

One thought on “Interrupting the doing

  1. I really like that phrase, “interrupt the doing.” I need to do that more. When I go for walks with friends or my daughter, that feels like a good interruption so I think I’ll go on one today. Thank you for the reminder.


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