On where my head is, according to my Kindle queue

I thought this week, for a change of pace, I’d share what is queued up on my Kindle. This might, or might not, give you, and me also, an idea of where my head is. So here goes:

  • A Beam of Light by Andrea Camilleri
  • Bittersweet by Susan Cain
  • The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday
  • Hard Cash Valley by Brian Panowich
  • No Man is An Island by Thomas Merton
  • A Prayer in the Night by Tisha Harrison Warren
  • Radical Compassion by Tara Brach
  • Selected Letters of Seneca, translated by Elaine Fantham.

So two fiction books and six nonfiction books, which is odd for me because I’m not a big nonfiction reader. By my choice of nonfiction, you might think my mind is calm, but not really. I think that’s where I am trying to get with the help of most of the nonfiction. So this might not be so much where my head is, but where I want it to be: calm.

Addendum: Speaking of calm, this morning I learned one of my favorite podcasts is back after a short summer break:

7 thoughts on “On where my head is, according to my Kindle queue

  1. I go in fits and starts with nonfiction, sometimes getting a real pattern going and reading a bunch then I won’t read any for 6 months. Enjoy the books!


  2. Will be interested to hear your thoughts on Bittersweet and Radical Compassion. (My bet is that you’ll like the latter moreso than the former.) Hope the reading helps and that you’re doing all right otherwise. Thinking about you.


    1. Thanks, Melissa. I’m already reading and listening to Radical Compassion. I think you’re right that I’ll like Brach’s book better than Cain’s. I saw a book blogger mentioned she didn’t like or maybe didn’t finish Bittersweet. Was that you?… Otherwise, so so. Hurt back in March, pulled muscle badly. Returning to the doctor tomorrow. No covid here, but Kim caught a second time. She’s fine… Thinking of you and your family too, Melissa. I hope you all are doing well.


    1. It was similar at our library. I finally just bought a copy and today bought the Audible copy of it because the author narrates it. I was sort of introduced to her and her podcast through Niall Breslin, another podcaster. So I’m used to hearing her speak. I highly recommend seeking out her podcast… And this one too, which I’m adding to the post above, which isn’t only on Spotify but on his website: https://open.spotify.com/show/1QBP6aNv7BsdQWwhqxLcIC?si=1Uf_qxAvR0KwGrTun5l4PA&utm_source=copy-link He just returned after a summer break.

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