My Own Personal Sabbath #11: Last Day of Vacation

This past week, I was off work along with my wife. I had planned to do a little bit of reading, but it didn’t happen. So, instead I will try to do a little bit of reading today before I go back to work tomorrow. Initially, I had planned to participate in today’s readathon. But just this morning, I decided I just want to read free of social media since tomorrow will be my first day back to work. I need the social media sabbath today and am doing My Own Personal Sabbath one day early.

I’m sticking with a few of the Elmore Leonard books I selected to read last week and maybe finally finishing Is This Anything? By Jerry Seinfeld, a collection of his favorite material through the years that I’ve been making my way slowly through since the start of the year.

Other than reading, we are having our “burger night” tonight. We have Impossible burgers and Alexia onion rings. Most likely, we’ll also have wine from our trip up to Seneca Lake, one of the Finger Lakes, in New York.

We’ll probably watch something, yet to be determined.

So, that’s about it for me for today? What are you up to this weekend? Reading, watching, listening to, doing anything good? Share in the comments.

Photo above is where I’m posting this from, as I am starting my reading today. It’s almost noon and while it’s a late start, at least it’s a clear day.

9 thoughts on “My Own Personal Sabbath #11: Last Day of Vacation

  1. Oh man, I’ve been craving a burger all day and thought it was behind me and then I read this post. LOL Let us know how the Seinfeld book is! I’m back to work tomorrow after a bit of vacation myself. Here’s to an easy re-entry for the both of us.

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  2. Sounds like a good weekend for you and Kim! My dad is a big Elmore Leonard fan so I hope you are enjoying those. Have a great week.


  3. What a great view! I hope your vacation was lovely and relaxing. I wonder what sorts of wine you brought back. I’ve been learning a lot about wines during our stay in France, especially natural (is that the right word?) wines.

    I hope today is a relaxing conclusion to your time off and that your return to work is excellent, Bryan.


  4. I’m reading Open Season by C.J. Box. I’m hugging my dog after I watched a super sad vet show. I’m going to be watching a British mystery show later tonight and tomorrow I’m going to visit our parents (probably).


      1. This is my first and so far I like Craig Johnson better but it’s an interesting concept anyhow – game commission officer or game warden in Wyoming and the many odd adventures.


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