My First Book of 2022

So, without further ado, here is the first book I plan to read this year:

The Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness by Epictetus, a new interpretation by Sharon Lebell: For the last two years, I have read the same book for my first book of the year: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, as translated by Gregory Hays. I had borrowed a copy of it from Prime Reading in late 201, but when I tried it, I had a difficult time reading the archaic translation. I then came across several reviews mentioning a modern translation by Gregory Hays. It fit the bill perfectly for two years running, but I thought it would be a bit much to read it as my first book of the year for a third year.

That brings me to this year’s selection, which is in the vein of Hays’ book, with this being a reinterpretation of the works of Epictetus by Sharon Lebell. I sampled it before purchasing it and again, like Hays’ translation, it seems to resonate with me. As it is short, I don’t know if I’ll read all 93 of the selections at once or read them over a week or two or more. I haven’t decided yet, but however, I do it, I’m looking forward to it.

Later today, Sheila of the blog Book Journey will be sharing photos of people from around the world with their first book of the year too. I e-mailed my (Photoshopped since my book is an ebook) photo above to her and mine should be among them, if my e-mail went through. Even if it didn’t, to see what others have selected as their first book to read this year, visit Sheila’s blog later today.

So do you select a first book to read each year? If so, what will be the first book you read this year or maybe you’re already reading it?

9 thoughts on “My First Book of 2022

  1. Love the idea of starting the year with something inspirational, something meditative. Art of Living sounds very good and I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on it. Happy New Year!


  2. I sent my photo way back in December, but I just got a message from her saying she’d gotten delayed in posting First Book yesterday but that she’d be posting today.

    The Art of Living sounds like a perfect book to start the year. I like reading something philosophical. Let’s see if you think it’s worth reading.

    Happy New Year, Bryan!


  3. I usually just read the first book that falls into my hands. I don’t make much effort to read a particular book first each year. But I should be more mindful. As it turns out my hold for The Harlem Shuffle came to me on e-audiobook today. That was timely! So my first book of 2022 will be the highest ranked book of 2021.


  4. I’d love to know what you think of this book – it looks interesting, and I’m going to “attempt” to add more non-fiction reads this year. But I am starting the year out reading Riot Baby, Tochi Onyebuchi.


  5. This is the first year I have had carryover books and I wasn’t quite sure at first how to handle that. I decided to go with my first book I’m starting fresh this new year. I chose something fun and light–a gift from my daughter. I hope you enjoy your first book. It sounds like it will be though provoking and a perfect way to begin the new year. Have a Happy New Year, Bryan!


  6. I do enjoy seeing what people choose to read as their first book of the year. I think it sets a tone for what we hope the reading year will be.


  7. Happy New Year to you and Kim and your families! Sounds like a great choice. As usual, I didn’t get my photo to Sheila in a timely fashion but I’m still planning to participate with CALL US WHAT WE CARRY, Amanda Gorman’s new poetry collection.

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