A little bit of this…

…and a little bit of that.

Last weekend, my goal was to keep it short; this weekend, my goal, to dip into a bit of this and that.

As for last weekend’s goal, my intent was to read:

  • short stories, specifically  short stories from The Very Best of the Best: 35 Years of The Year’s Best Science Fiction, edited by Gardner Dozois. A friend recommended collections by Dozois so I’m starting here.
  • graphic novels, specifically Ms. Marvel Vol. 5
  • and have to wait until that is returned before getting to 7.
  • Postcard Poems by Jeanne Griggs.

Sorry, John, but I couldn’t get into the science fiction collection. I think I’m not cut out for esoteric “classic” science fiction (but I loved Isaac Asimov when I was a teen). This weekend, I am trying science fiction again but continuing a series I have read a few in: The Old Man’s War series by John Scalzi. I am planning on at least starting the fifth in the series, Zoe’s Tale, although what I remember from the others, it should be a fairly quick read.

Last weekend, I did finish the other two books, Ms. Marvel Vol. 5 and Postcard Poems, the latter which was very good and the former which was good enough for me to continue on with the rest of the series. I have the next five checked out from the library where I work.

I also have the next in the Inspector Montalbano series by Andrea Camilleri lined up: The Treasure Hunt. However, I own this next one so I’ve had a hard time getting to it because I know it’ll be there whenever I want to get to it.

Reading isn’t the only thing that I have planned. I want to get out for a walk or walks as it’s going to be cooler than it has been. And tomorrow, I plan on being in The Chill Out Tent.

What are you up to this weekend? And the upcoming month?

8 thoughts on “A little bit of this…

  1. We enjoyed a nice, quiet weekend. Jim went for a long trail run with a buddy. Holly worked. And we all did a much-needed clean of the house. No fuss. No stress.


  2. We ended up driving to Ojai for lunch and a visit to the outdoor bookstore yesterday. It was a nice drive and just far enough to make you feel as if you went somewhere. I had three books I was looking for and once again, no luck finding them but I have plenty to read already.

    Today. I tossed out a comment about possibly taking a walk along the boardwalk but that was quickly shot down.


  3. Sounds like you have good weekend plans. My daughter is out of town so I plan on reading, blogging, walking, and watching the Olympics. I want to relax as I am back at work in full force starting Monday.


  4. Ahh, so envious of “cooler weather”. I am currently so hot I’m lying under the fan with an icepack on my neck. We’re supposed to cool down to the upper 80s next week, though.

    I’m cleaning my home library, this weekend. I’m taking a month-long Zoom writing workshop taught by Simon Van Booy starting Monday so I need to have my work area tidy for that. Otherwise just planning to finish up When We Were Young by Richard Roper.

    Someday, I need to read the Old Man’s War series. I haven’t liked Scalzi’s recent books as much so I’m thinking it might be better to shoot for some of his older work.

    Enjoy your weekend!


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