My Own Personal Sabbath #40

Almost every Sunday since mid-May 2020 with a few exceptions, I have been taking my own personal Sabbath, where I tune out of the news and social media and turn off my ringer and all notifications on my phone. Throughout the day, sometimes the day before, and/or sometimes the next day, I share what I am reading, listening to or watching during my Sabbath.

This is one of those times, I’m posting before my Sabbath.


The only book that I know for sure that I’ll be continuing to read tomorrow is What is Grass: Walt Whitman in My Life by Mark Doty. As it is split into four parts, I am reading it over the four Sundays in July. [Correction: It’s split into five parts, but the fourth part is short so I’ll read that and the fifth part on the final Sunday in July.] I started it last Sunday. Otherwise, I have a plethora of choices of what else to read, including, but not limited to, the following and obviously am enjoying it or I wouldn’t be continuing with it.

  • Mixed Plate: Chronicles of an All-American Combo by Jo Koy. I’ve had it on hold for a few months at the Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP) in ebook, and it finally came in this afternoon.
  • Treasure Hunt, the 16th in the Inspector Montalbano series, by Andrea Camilleri. I’ve been making my way slowly through the series this year and while this one is available at FLP, I bought it on Kindle, which had a deal on it. That way I can get to it at my own speed.
  • The Very Best of the Best: 35 Years of The Year’s Best Science Fiction, edited by Gardner Dozois. I don’t read much science fiction, but I want to. So I asked for a friend’s recommendation and he recommended that I read any of the collections of each year’sbest science fiction edited by Dozois for 35 years from 1984 to 2018 when Dozois died. I found this collection to borrow at FLP.
  • Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. I found it on the new book shelf at our library and grabbed it because I’ve heard the buzz around it is good and I enjoyed The Martian.
  • It’s All a Game: The History of Board Games from Monopoly to Settlers of Cataan by Tristan Donovan. I picked up this while shelf-reading at the library. A friend and I play board games online, and I tj

For tomorrow, I’ll probably choose Mixed Plate, since I know there are six people waiting to read it after me and I might dip into the science fiction collection of short stories.

Listening to

Since my wife Kim works 12-hour shifts from early Saturday night into Sunday morning and then early Sunday night into Sunday morning, 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. each night, we often watch a sitcom or two before she goes to work. Lately, though, we have been listening to podcasts or audiobooks, well, in particular one podcast Aack Cast by Jamie Loftus about “Cathy, the iconic and much-maligned comic strip by Cathy Guisewite,” in which Jamie Loftus “weaves between reporting and fiction, putting a cruelly treated cartoon everywoman in context.” We also have been listening in particular one audiobook, Broken (In the Best Possible Way) by Jenny Lawson. Since we are caught up with Aack Cast, we probably will continue listening to Broken.


Last Sunday, I watched all three of the original Bourne movies with Matt Damon back-to-back-to-back ending at about 2:30 a.m. Monday morning since I didn’t have to go to work the next day. This Sunday, I’m not sure what I’ll be watching. I’ve been making my way through the last couple of seasons of Criminal Minds, so I might do that (I’m in Season 14 now, with only Season 15 to go).

So, what are you reading, watching, listening to, or doing this weekend? Hope whatever it is, it’s all good.

12 thoughts on “My Own Personal Sabbath #40

  1. I saw how much you loved Project Hail Mary so now I am adding it to my TBR pile.

    Last Sunday was a blur. Last weekend with the boy before he headed to Kansas. I did well though and wrote up two reviews and I am now reading Joyce Maynard’s new book, Count The Ways. She is an amazing writer. I have been looking forward to it for a long time.

    You will appreciate this. There is a museum here that holds outdoor summer concerts. I’ve been wanting to go to one for years. Last year I was all set to go and then they shut down again. This year, they announced the line up and in five minutes it was sold out. It’s a free event but capacity was an issue and now, we are going back to masks it appears but man, I missed out again!


  2. It’s ages since I last encountered Montalbano. I had to stop because the book’s always left me feeling hungry and yearning to go back to Italy. Right now when travel is too volatile , it would be rubbing salt in the wounds to read about Italian life….


  3. I enjoyed many seasons of Criminal Minds before I had just watched too much of it all in a row. It’s a good show though!

    I have Lawson’s Broken on my TBR shelf for this month and am really looking forward to it.


  4. I think you will enjoy Project Hail Mary. It is decidedly different from The Martian, more charming than intense. I particularly like what Weir did with the ending.

    And enjoy the last two seasons of Criminal Minds. I blew through them and enjoyed every second.


  5. Mixed Plate sounds very good and is rated 4.9. I’m adding it to my list

    I have been playing board games since I was a child so It’s All a Game is going on my list too

    As soon as I finish my current books, I’ll be reading How Y’all Doing?: Misadventures and Mischief from a Life Well Lived by Leslie Jordan and listening to Falling by T. J. Newman

    Today I plan on watching Hurricane on the Bayou

    I hope you have a great week!


  6. You’ve got some great options there. I’ve heard lots of buzz about Project Hail Mary, too, and am curious. Lucky to find it available on the library shelf!


  7. So many reading choices. I think I need to look for Very Best of the Best. I once read lots of science fiction, but I haven’t read much in the last thirty-five years or so.

    And I’ll be curious to see what you think about Project Hail Mary.

    Enjoy your respite today.


  8. Interesting idea to switch off the whole world and just stay inward for a day. I kind of do that when traveling.

    best… mae at


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