My vacation is just getting going

Above is how long I am off from work in days, hours, and minutes. My vacation started today at 4 p.m. and lasts until noon at Monday, June 14.

My wife Kim is off too up until Thursday night/Friday morning.

So what do we have planned?

The short version is:

  • we are going on a day wine trip tomorrow,
  • then visiting with my parents, my sister and her family on Sunday,
  • and taking a two-day trip to Finger Lakes (in upstate New York) wineries midweek.

In between, we plan on watching some TV, mostly reruns of The Simpsons and Modern Family, but also Kim’s Convenience, bowing in its fifth and final season (sadly).

Reading? Maybe. I still have to finish Exit Strategy by Martha Wells and to start The Age of Doubt, the 14th in the Inspector Montalbano series, by Andrea Camilleri. We’ll see how that goes.

The long version is:

  • For another time.
  • Another place.
  • Another blog post.

Until then…

13 thoughts on “My vacation is just getting going

  1. I’ve already seen some winery pics and as usual, I am living vicariously through you all. Enjoy every second.
    I started a new show that my son has been trying to get me to watch, Barry with Bill Hader and Henry Winkler. It’s quite good. A hit man ends up in an acting class and decides he wants to change careers.


  2. Enjoy your time off and three cheers for the Finger Lakes! We’ll be in the area in early July… hoping to check out some new wineries and a few old favorites, too.


      1. We’ve been visiting Anthony Road since their tasting room was in a trailer. We discovered Ventosa when our daughter was in college in that area – have had lunch there a few times. Other old favorites are Hermann Wiemer, Heron Hill, and Fox Run.


  3. Enjoy your vacation; your plans sounds relaxing and just right. I have one more week of work until summer vacation and have no plans since I cancelled my trip to the UK. I do want to take a short 2-day trip, but haven’t figured it out yet.


    1. Yay for seeing family! And being in nature! I did see on your blog about your daughter going to France, fulfilling a childhood dream. That’s great. Hope everything is going well at the library now.

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  4. A trip sounds completely delightful. I’m prodding my esposo to plan one for us this summer. He’s looking around for a good combination of a rock dig/intriguing bookstore/national park adventure for us. A wine stop would get him bonus points.


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