Readathon Revised


…those plans I had yesterday for today’s readathon?

Um, yeah, about that.

I’m revising the stack to be more realistic than it was and not as heavy in terms of pages, although you might think that the subject matter is heavy with murder at the center of all three of my choices. They’re really not, but are comfort reads, of a kind for me and just what I need today. Here is the revised stack:

  • The Potter’s Field, the 13th in the Inspector Montalbano series, by Andrea Camilleri
  • Rogue Protocol, the third in the Murderbot series, by Martha Wells
  • Exit Strategy, the fourth in the Murderbot series, also by Wells.

As I’m writing this at about 9 a.m., I still have to get breakfast, and I am adding two other components to my own readathon with meditation and journaling (therapeutic and much needed after a week full of…well, everything), realistically I probably won’t be getting started until at least noon. The plan from there is to read as much as I can until at least midnight, mixed with the meditation and journaling. It won’t be 12 hours of reading, but I’ll read what I can. If I finish these three (doubtful, even though they’re short), I do have a backup or two in the wings. We’ll see if it/they are needed.

Are you participating in today’s readathon? If so, what are you reading? If not, what are you reading lately anyway?

14 thoughts on “Readathon Revised

  1. Hope you had a good time at the readathon! I thought I’ll do it unofficially but that didn’t work out. It’s been busy for couple of weeks and yesterday was no different. I cannot wait to catch up on the Murderbot series though – loved books 1 & 2 so far!


  2. I got a 4-hour late start but finished my one and only book by the 17 hour mark and then went to bed. Looking forward to the Reverse-Harry Potter themed-readathon July 31st (well July 30 for us on the reverse side). By then I SHOULD have the final Ravenclaw edition and will be able to finish the series!


  3. Hi there Bryan! Yes! I did take part in the Readathon, first time participant. It ended about an hour ago here in SA and I just picked easy reads. Two Afrikaans books, because I know I will read them easily.

    I also find murders and thrillers as comfort reads. Nothing strange about that at all!

    Glad you enjoyed the time and I hope you will have a good week ahead!

    Elza Reads


  4. I loved doing read-a-thons when I was a kid but as an adult I just can’t seem to fit them in to my schedule. There is always something that needs my attention, especially this time of year as I raise against the weeds and coming summer heat to get the garden in shape. Check out what I read this month.


  5. I didn’t officially join the readathon this year, but I’ve done a decent amount of reading. I still have a couple hours to go before bedtime so hope to finish my current book.


  6. I’ve never participated in a readathon and lately I’ve had less book time than usual. We are trying to get a kitchen remodeled & it’s taking up so much time.

    Martha Wells sounds great but I hadn’t read Exit Strategy.


  7. Hope all is OK or soon will be — sorry to hear about your tough week. Maybe the readathon (plus the meditation and journaling) will be somewhat of a distraction or comfort or whatever you need most in this time. I have a super jam-packed stressful week next week and am taking this readathon weekend as a deep breath and sustenance before the chaos.


    1. It’s mostly medical “things” involving people we know and love and all at once. Then in two weeks, our library is planning to open for “open browsing” or basically what we did pre-covid with a few exceptions. Sometimes I plan these relaxing weekends (today, a readathon; tomorrow, a music event called The Chill Out Tent), but don’t address/journal about the other shit going on in my life, to my detriment. Also should add: that it’s not all shit, like the library reopening, that’s good. it’s just how we do it that I get concerned about. And also it’s not always shit going in on my life, but also what’s going on in others’ lives that I have no control over.


  8. I decided to start with…a picture book…just to get me going. Then I wanted to finish up a book I’ve been reading on for a month, Out of Eden, about invasive species. It’s also my last weekend of Project FeederWatch, and I saw so many migratory birds last weekend that I can’t help but read next to my backyard window. Probably not the best way to focus on reading…


      1. I had a really great readathon this time, I think, with just the right amount of reading and blogging, with a bit of chocolate. I woke up this morning (I just can’t do 24-hours straight) in time to finish up my last book and see a Rose-breasted grosbeak and an Indigo bunting…Perfection.


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