Where I am right now…

…is in a good place.

I’m off from work until this coming Thursday. I’m celebrating Easter, my wife’s birthday on Tuesday, and receiving my second COVID-19 vaccine shot this past Thursday.

Yesterday, I went to the Good Friday service at Washington National Cathedral and then received the Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession/absolution) from a priest via Zoom. This isn’t to brag. It’s just that I like to attend Good Friday services…and I haven’t been to confession in several years. It felt good.

Today, I plan on continuing to read the Inspector Montalbano series by Andrea Camilleri. I’m now up to the 12th in the series, The Track of Sand. I also am getting together tonight with a former college roommate Joe to play board games online.

Tomorrow morning, I plan on attending the Easter service at Washington National Cathedral too. Then in the afternoon, I’ll probably read more Camilleri.

I also plan on getting out for a walk this weekend, probably both days since the weather is finally clearing after a little snow on April 1.

The last three days of my holiday/vacation/celebration will be spent mostly with my wife. Even though I am off from work, I will be attending a staff meeting Tuesday morning. As for me and my wife, we have no plans other than to eat, drink, and be merry.

Happy birthday, hon!

20 thoughts on “Where I am right now…

  1. Happy birthday to your wife! And yay to being vaccinated! My husband got his second shot yesterday, I get mine tomorrow. We aren’t changing much about our lifestyle but it makes us feel better about Billy having to go to work at least. 🙂


  2. Yay for being vaccinated! My husband has an appointment for his first vaccination this coming Friday. I hope you had a nice Easter and vacation and your wife has a good birthday! Take care, Bryan.


  3. Happy birthday to your wife!! Definitely a lot to celebrate. We got our second vaccine shots this past weekend and we are elated as well. We’ll still stay masked and social distance (also, our kids aren’t vaccinated) but still, something to look forward to.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your break during this long weekend and have a good time back at work as well.


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