Revisiting, Revising, Recommending


Wherein I try to re-explain my previous post on an expiring book on my Kindle.

Last week I lamented my receiving a notification on an app that the ebook I was reading on my Kindle was expiring. Many of you offered advice on how I could keep the ebook, especially turning off my wifi or the airplane mode on. While I appreciate the advice, which was valid, I really wasn’t seeking it. Instead, I meant the post to be a joking rant about notifications pressuring me for this, that, or the other thing – and not just letting me go about my business.

I also didn’t mean to denigrate the Libby app which I enjoy and which also allows patrons to suspend a hold to be delivered later. I use that feature regularly.


Wherein I reconsider what I am doing for Lent.

As I mentioned Wednesday, I started Lent with a day off from work during which my wife and I attended an online Ash Wednesday service at the Washington National Cathedral. I also then mentioned that I was giving up alcohol, which I’m still doing during the 40 days, and reading a couple of books. However, instead, I’ve decided to keep it fairly simple with the following:


Wherein I receive some recommendations for short uplifting podcasts from followers on Instagram that I now pass on to you. Your mileage may vary.

Recently, I asked my followers on Instagram for recommendation for short, uplifting podcasts. I asked for “maybe meditative, poetry, book-related, no politics, no news, please.” Here are the ones they mentioned:

And here are a couple that I discovered:

As for this weekend, yesterday I worked at the library and then a friend and I played board games online last night. Today I’m planning on reading, continuing with the next Inspector Montalbano, August Heat, by Andrea Camilleri.

What are you up to this weekend? Reading, watching, listening to anything good this weekend? Any podcasts you recommend? Please share in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for the list of podcasts. I don’t think I spend enough time on podcasts but I enjoy them when I do. History Exta is a BBC one I sometimes get to and I like a few book-related ones, so I want to try the Bogle one. It’s admirable that you are giving up alcohol for Lent … that’s something I’d like to try this spring. Cheers.


  2. My weekend came and went very quickly. We had to be out of the house for most of it due to the last bit of auditions and one other exciting thing that I am not supposed to mention until the media announces it. Has to do with with kid. Not me. Soon.

    I got some good food. A really good cheese pizza on gf crust. I watched more Schitt’s Creek. I finished a book and started another. I did not get to the bookstore like I had planned. I had the dog with me and the one I wanted to go to did not allow dogs because of the bookstore cat, Paiges! Understandable. I just got my taxes together. Bleh but it’s done.


  3. I love playing board games and haven’t considered doing it online! My mom and I have started playing Rummikub, which is fun.


  4. I ended up buying The Little Book of Lent (it was only $1.99). I was quite taken with the devotional for today, and ended up emailing it to a friend. I am also happy I bought Yes, And by Richard Rohr. It’s a book of excerpts from his books, and I think it’s marvelous.

    Not for everyone, I guess, but I listen to On Being with Krista Tippett whenever I am cooking.

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    1. I think what it was with Lent, there are too many choices of devotionals, and I’m working on developing a better routine with what I have been doing, or trying to: with meditation, based on the John Main method.

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