My Own Personal Sabbath #31

Almost every Sunday since mid-May 2020 with a few exceptions, I have been taking my own personal Sabbath, where I tune out of the news and social media and turn off my ringer and all notifications on my phone. Throughout the day and/or sometimes the next day, I share what I am reading, listening to or watching during my Sabbath.

Tomorrow, the plan is simple: recharge, read, and rest.

Recharge after energy depletion from doomscrolling and what Kim and I call “our daily five minutes of anger” after looking at the news usually at the end of the day. Unfortunately, sometimes it is longer than five minutes and even if only is five minutes, it sours the rest of the night. What has helped, though, is we have been watching a show on Netflix with meditation exercises.

So I plan to start tomorrow with meditation as modeled by the late John Main, reciting the word “Maranatha” for 20 minutes.

Read after not taking the time out to read all week. Instead, we watched lots of episodes of The Simpsons and Hamilton since we subscribed to Disney Plus. We finally caved when we saw the five seasons of the original The Muppet Show is coming to the channel later this month.

I’ll be continuing with the Inspector Montalbano mysteries that I started last month. So far, I have read the sixth, seventh, and eighth in the series, The Smell of the Night, Rounding the Mark, and The Patience of the Spider. I already the ninth and 10th in the series, The Paper Moon and August Heat checked out on ebook from the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Rest after, at times, a mentally stressful week. My mother had to get a test for covid, which turned out to be negative (but she’s still not feeling well). At work, I’m navigating through miscommunication, sometimes perceived vs. real, with coworkers. And then there’s the aforementioned doomscrolling. Rest will involve most likely a nap…and music…and TV or movie watching.

I’ll check in later tomorrow to let you know how it went.

Sunday Update:

9 a.m. I’ve been up for about an hour and didn’t start the day with meditation, but I’ll be getting to that this morning. After eating first breakfast, I started reading The Paper Moon and appropriately it began with a passage about waking up that fit the day. The passage is too long to quote here, but the gist of it is like in the movie Dead Poets Society: Carpe diem (in a whisper). So I’m going to seize the day and do what I want right now, which is reading this book.

Noon: So…I’ve read one chapter so far of The Paper Moon. Most of the morning, I’ve been on the phone: checking in with my mom and dad (twice, actually, after seeing a blog post that reminded me of something I wanted to tell my dad) and our landlord about a few minor issues at our house. Now it’s after noon here and I still haven’t “meditated.” So I guess that’s next. Update on my mom: She’s still not feeling great, but maybe slightly better. If it doesn’t clear up by mid-week, she’ll get a doctor’s appointment.

4 p.m.: So…I’ve read one chapter so far of The Paper Moon. Pete and Repete were sitting on a wall. Pete fell off. Who was left?…But it’s true. I ended up meditating finally, then after falling asleep in my recliner, I took a short nap. Now here I am.

9 p.m.: So…I’ve now read three chapters in the book. Kim goes to work at 7:30 for a 12-hour shift, so before then, we had dinner and watched a few of The Simpsons. Now I’m ending the night with trying WandaVision. So far, I’m not sold on the laugh track, but I’m soldiering through with the assistance of wine and cheese.

What are you up to this weekend? Reading, watching, listening to anything good this weekend? Share in the comments.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this film from deejay My Friend Dario to which I was introduced during last weekend’s edition of The Chill Out Tent:

19 thoughts on “My Own Personal Sabbath #31

  1. Miscommunications are no fun, especially when we have to deal with them over zoom. I am navigating this with a Board that I am on right now and it’s draining. And worrying about our parents is a lot. Of course, they worried about us as we were growing up so it’s fair turn around, but again, it’s added stress. Hope the meditation helps. And, watching the Muppets will definitely make things a bit brighter.


  2. I hope your mom is okay. That’s so stressful. We are still waiting on our turn for the vaccination.

    Currently reading The Olive Harvest by Carol Drinkwater for the nonfiction event at ShelleyRae’s blog.


  3. I hope the work challenges reduce. Just a nice work day can do wonders to mental health!

    I have not heard of that Netflix show on Headspace – meditation is one of my goals for this year but I have not been able to make it consistent yet. Thanks for sharing!


    1. The work challenges are mostly mental…not anything too strenuous physically. And not that I work with “bad” people. It’s more on how I approach things and people that I have to work…the show is a good way to ease into meditation, I think.


  4. I was such a huge Muppets fan as a kid! Still am, honestly. We have Disney Plus and we usually watch a bunch of Winnie the Pooh courtesy of Wyatt, although he did like Hamilton. (He was playing in the other room but singing it was cute) He didn’t actually sit and watch it. I will have to watch the Muppets with him, I think he would love it!

    I am sorry to hear you mom is not feeling well, although I am glad she tested negative. Hopefully she feels better soon.


    1. Glad that Wyatt liked Hamilton too and hope he likes The Muppet Show when you introduce him to it. I checked with my mom today. Still not great, but if she doesn’t feel better by midweek, she’ll get a doctor’s appointment.


  5. I’m sorry things have been so stressful there. I’m glad you have a recharge-read-rest Sunday coming up. It helps so much to get away from the news and social media for a time. I enjoy visiting blogs and seeing what others are doing and reading.

    And at least I am finally leaving Hell. Dante’s Inferno, that is. It’s one awful place. I’m looking forward to spending time in Purgatory for a while, and, hopefully, I’ll make it to Paradise in March.


  6. My doomscrolling ended with Trump.

    However, the stress of college auditions and the finances involved with such things have caused some anxiety.

    Still enjoying Schitt’s. I just took a nap and missed a concert I was looking forward to. Totally forgot.


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