What are your favorite moments in 2020?

I’m switching up things here this week, and my initial plan for the rest of the month for my schedule of blog posts. I’m pushing back my planned posts on top 5 TV shows of 2020, top 5 books I read this year, and One Word of 2021 until either later this week or next week.

Today, I am looking back at this week on my blog as it was busier than it normally is and you might have missed some of the posts. I know there are a lot of links this time around, and I encourage you to click on what catches your fancy, but especially that by other bloggers.

All this month I’ve been joining Kim and Tanya of Girlxoxo.com for their annual event A Month of Faves, at least for a few topics. To learn more about the event, visit Kim and Tanya’s introductory post on the event. Earlier this month, I posted “My End of Year Bookish Plans.” Then this week, I jumped right in with three posts:

  1. These are a few of my favorite moments in 2020,”
  2. then “These are a few of my favorite things (at home) in 2020,”
  3. and finally “These are a few of my favorite (Christmas) things.”

The first one resonated with a few bloggers, including a couple from The Sunday Salon, who created their own favorite moments in 2020 posts:

So either by putting together your own post on your favorite moments from this year or just sharing in the comments below, let me know what are some of our favorite moments from this (otherwise, on a global scale, godawful) year.

6 thoughts on “What are your favorite moments in 2020?

  1. The favorite things are going around big time this time of the year yes! I am only starting to look at it now as Christmas must first come and then I worry about the past year and the year to come.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Elza Reads“>Elza Reads


  2. Thank you for the inspiration to review my life in images and words! That’s what so wonderful about this blogging community: the sharing and support.


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