These are a few of my favorite (Christmas) things

This month I’m joining Kim and Tanya of for their annual event A Month of Faves, at least for a few topics. Earlier this month, I posted “My End of Year Bookish Plans.” Earlier this week, I posted “These are a few of my favorite moments in 2020 and “These are a few of my favorite things (at home) in 2020.” To learn more about the event, visit Kim and Tanya’s introductory post on the event.

Today’s topic is “Favorite Things [Holiday Edition]⁠
(Treats, Traditions, Books, Movies, Songs, Decorations, Activities, etc).” No treats really or decorations either for my wife Kim and me, thanks to one old cat, but we have got movies!

Our Christmas will begin this year on the eve of Christmas Eve after I get off work at the library at 6 p.m. We plan on watching two of our favorite Christmas movies, Christmas Vacation and Elf. We own both after discovering a few years ago streaming services never have Christmas movies available around Christmas.

We decided this past weekend that this year we’re having our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. Here’s what is planned so far:

That way, we can have leftovers Christmas Day.

On Christmas Eve, we’ll watch my favorite Christmas movie Diehard, which yes is a Christmas movie as science proves it.

Then sometime on Christmas Day, we’ll watch my wife’s favorite Christmas movie, and also my favorite version of A Christmas Carol too, the 1951 version with Alistair Sim.

I also have a Christmas tradition of listening to A Child’s Christmas in Wales as read by its author Dylan Thomas. So I’m sure I’ll do that again on Christmas itself too.

While we are not getting together with family in person, we are planning to get together with each side of our families virtually in one fashion or another. For my wife’s side of the family, that probably will entail Zoom; for my side of the family, Google Hangouts.

Last year on Christmas via Hangouts, Kim and I were able to hear my mother read the story of the birth of Jesus as recounted in the Book of Luke, Chapter 2. It is a tradition for one of my parents to read it every year before Christmas gift-giving for us to remember “the reason for the season” and we will look forward to hearing it again this year as read by one of them.

What are some of your favorite holiday treats, traditions, books, movies, songs, decorations, and/or activities?

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  1. Our one big holiday tradition is Disneyland around Christmas. Could not do that this year and even if we could, we would not have been able to swing it due to my son’s work schedule. It’s okay. Saved a lot of money.

    We didn’t bake cookies. We didn’t really do much of anything that we are used to doing but it’s okay. I felt like I had permission this year to keep it simple and easy and that worked well.


  2. I just wrote a whole comment listing all the things we are not doing this year that we usually do, and it made me feel grumpy and sad when I read over it, so I deleted it. Deep breath. Do over.

    Instead, I’ll list things I’ve loved doing in the past:Uff da! Norwegian Fattigmands!The Amazing Dessert I Always Make at ChristmasThe Last Year We Decorated Christmas Cookies with My MomWalk-a-Mile.

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  3. We also listen to Dylan Thomas’ A Child’s Christmas in Wales each year! I love hearing people’s Christmas traditions so thank you for sharing your plans.

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  4. I’ve been enjoying your favorites posts! We will be having video chats with the family this year as well, in lieu of actually meeting in person. 😦 This year, I am making our favorite Nantucket Cranberry Pie, and my personal favorite holiday dessert, Coconut Tarts. I am hoping to watch Love Actually tonight, my very favorite Christmas movie. I find that my favorite love story within the movie changes though. Enjoy your movies and holiday!


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