My Own Personal Sabbath #25

My view late this morning. Cloudy. Listening to chill music. Only other things on agenda are meditation and reading.

Almost every Sunday since mid-May 2020 with a few exceptions, I have been taking my own personal Sabbath, where I tune out of the news and social media and turn off my ringer and all notifications on my phone.

I didn’t get up as early as wanted today, thanks to taking three magnesium last night. It is 9:30 a.m. and I have had a bowl of cereal and coffee. I am listening to chill music via Mixcloud, a site that collects the works of DJs from around the world, and getting ready to meditate shortly. I plan on some “holy” reading later this morning.

I did start reading a little and realize that my obsession with prayer is coupled with an obsession to be perfect, always in unceasing prayer.

“Once the vices of the inner person have been conquered and the mind has been established in tranquility, it will be possible to enjoy unceasing prayer.”

Boniface Ramsey in the translator’s introduction to The Ninth Conference by John Cassian, ascetic, monk and theologian from the First Century

It is a place I am attempting to get to by meditating for 20 in the morning and meditating 20 minutes at night, with the “unceasing prayer” during the day in between. I make my life a prayer to you, as Christian contemporary musician Keith Green once sang –  something I got a glimpse of when I spent a month living with monks in a monastery in upstate New York more than 25 years ago. That every action in daily life can be/is a prayer offered up every day.

I offer this day up to you, O Lord.

It is now noon and after a lot of procrastination, I finally meditated for 20 minutes, well, at least 15 minutes, as I was distracted throughout. Like St. Paul in Romans 7, I know I am.

For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.

Romans 7: 15

The plan for this afternoon is simple: to read. I picked up a copy of The Eagle Catcher, the first in the Wind River Reservation series, by Margaret Coel and am starting there. I keep trying series new to me in the hopes that I can find a good one. Maybe this will be one. If not, I have other choices of reading material. I’ll let you know later today what I think.

It is now about 7 p.m. and I am watching Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Because. Things.

I got about halfway through The Eagle Catcher and it’s okay so far. I probably won’t read any more tonight. Because. TV.

I’ll leave you with this that I was reminded of while watching T2:

5 thoughts on “My Own Personal Sabbath #25

  1. It’s such a great idea to set aside time for meditation each day. I’m impressed that you are doing it twice. During these times, I think to take time for ourselves, to check in, is important.


  2. I pray all the time. I wouldn’t say my prayer time is ever uninterrupted but it’s constant throughout the day. Especially lately. I think prayer throughout the day is more like a conversation with God, which I think if he could tell me in plain words he probably approves of. I have never been perfect in prayer.

    I have never experienced true, clinical depression but I am having a hard time these past few days. Not sad or blue but over it and impatient and frustrated at little things that have affected the start of my vacation. I am going to ditch the worry now and call today day #1 of my vacation. I certainly don’t want to waste all this time off worrying about things I cannot change.


  3. Your view there looks like my view here. Overcast.

    I finished reading Year of Wonder: Classical Music to Enjoy Day by Day while listening to the soundtrack. I saved a playlist of my favorites.

    I wonder how your book panned out. I’m reading some very light Christmas-y fiction.


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