In The Chill Out Tent to end the weekend

This is where I am/was as I end/ended this weekend. I thought it was a good place to leave off for both my Thankfully Reading Weekend and what probably will be my last weekend before I head back to work after being off for a few weeks with covid.

Unofficially, I began the Thankfully Reading Weekend Wednesday night reading The Big Bamboo, the eighth in the Serge Storms series, by Tim Dorsey. On Friday, I finished it. On Saturday, I dipped into an audiobook version of A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton, but found both the narrator and the story borrrrring. The rest of the day, I got stuck in a marathon of CSI, which I slowly am making my way though (I’m on Season 10). Today, I began the day reading The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths in an ebook collection of the first three books in the Ruth Galloway series. I’ll be dipping in and out while I listen/watch The Chillout Tent.

How was/is your weekend? Reading, watching, listening to anything worth sharing? Share away in the comments.

9 thoughts on “In The Chill Out Tent to end the weekend

  1. I finished The Soul of an Octopus, a book about naturalist Sy Montgomery’s real-life friendships with several octopuses, and it left me thinking about consciousness and curiosity and communication between species. Then I decided to forego the rest of my library stack for my own books and I turned to Group, a memoir about a woman who turned to group therapy to heal her life. I enjoyed both of these very much.

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  2. Hoping you continue to feel better. Sounds like you got some good relaxing time in. I stopped reading Sue Grafton at about letter I — for no particular reason that I can remember.


  3. I’ve missed reading your posts lately. Glad you had a fun project “thankfully reading”. That is what I should call what Ive been doing but it is really more like, “I am only going to read what I want no matter how much a book I’ve read before I set it aside.” Ha! I am just emerging from my politic hangover and looking toward 2021 with hope. My Sunday Post


  4. I haven’t read as much as I had planned or hoped (a common occurrence for me during read-a-thons), but I finished one book and am almost half way through another so that feels good.


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