Mid-November Check-in

Since I haven’t been here or on Instagram except for Stories, I thought I’d give you all a brief update as I did back in mid-July:

  1. My wife and I have Covid-19.
  2. We started experiencing symptoms the weekend of Nov. 7 & 8.
  3. The main symptom for my wife was, and is, the loss of both taste and smell; for me was a severe sore throat.
  4. We had a telemedicine appointment Nov. 9, were given an appointment for tests on Nov. 12, received our results via an app on Nov. 15.
  5. We have been under self-quarantine since Nov. 9 and will continue to be so until at least Nov. 23, or we have been symptom-free for 24 hours.
  6. Our symptoms are mild: mine, a low-level persistent headache and congestion (my nose is no longer running like it was when I went through three boxes of tissues in three days); hers, a lingering occasional cough, congestion, and, as of yesterday, joint pains. Mostly, we’re fatigued.
  7. We’ve got plenty of supplies of food, drink, and other necessary items, thanks to trips to Walmart, with curbside, contact-less pickup.
  8. Speaking for myself, I haven’t been able to read much, hardly have the energy to watch much. Kim’s been binge-watching The Crown (she’s somewhere in Season 3). My main distraction has been the Microsoft Solitaire Collection that as a premium member (ooh la la), I am able to go back and do daily challenges earlier in the year that I didn’t complete. If in nothing but Solitaire, I will finish every month in 2020, and thus the year itself, “perfect”.

I’m not sure when I will return here to update you or promise I’ll respond much to your comments beyond a thank you for your thoughts and prayers for us should you offer them. In the meantime, stay safe and stay well. Mask up, social distance, wash your hands regularly. Get tested if you need to.

Peace and love to you and your families.

Bryan G. Robinson

28 thoughts on “Mid-November Check-in

  1. I do hope that you’re both recovering well and I’m glad to hear that your cases have been mild. This touches more and more people that I know and love. Be well.


  2. Yikes!!! I’m sorry you two are sick, but am grateful that your symptoms are mild. Hope you both feeling 1000 times better by the time the 23rd gets here!

    Hang in there Bryan and Kim!


  3. Thank you for being so transparent about your illness. I think it helps people to understand how differently it affects people. We all want mild symptoms and I certainly pray for that to continue to be the case for the two of you but not everyone responds to it the same way. I think it’s a very good reminded that anyone can catch it. You two were very cautious and still caught it.

    California has a mask mandate now. Everyone is complaining. It’s really not a big deal. Only if you’ve not been wearing one in the first place, which many have not. Today, when I took a walk, I popped it on if I was passing anyone. No biggie.

    Reading. I picked up a book that I put down a week ago. At the time, it wasn’t working for me at all but then now it is. Funny how that works. I have book club tonight. Outside, masked, spaced wayyyyy apart. This is our second in-person meeting. They are burned out on Zoom but some are not happy with the mask wearing. So, stay home. I don’t know what to tell them anymore. I am losing patience daily.


    1. Believe me, I understand the frustration. After being on a news break for a while, now I can’t stop looking. It’s nice to know *eyeroll* people are stupid everywhere around this great country of ours.


  4. I’m so sorry that you tested positive. Sending speedy recovery and good thoughts your way – Nov 23 is almost here and hope you’ll begin to feel better soon. Glad that your symptoms are mild.


  5. I am so sorry to hear you have tested positive and are not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon. I’ve heard that one’s concentration isn’t as good during COVID, but if you’re playing Solitaire (my personal favorite), that’s a good sign.


  6. So sorry to read this Bryan, sounds like you are making the best of this awful virus – wishing you both a speedy recovery.


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