Gone ‘Til November

Earlier this week, my wife invited me to a news blackout on Election Day, and I accepted. To help in that endeavor, I also am taking vacation days on Monday and Tuesday that week. And now since I already have voted, and I don’t need or want to hear anything more on the election, I have decided to extend the news blackout backwards to start tomorrow. Along with that, I’m signing off here on the blog and on Instagram for the rest of the month until after the election.

So what will I be doing if I’m not thinking about the election or the news?

On the literary front, I have choices with plenty of books I already own on Kindle from which to choose and a few books I’ve checked out from the library, including Winter Counts by David Heska Wanbli Weiden and the third, fourth and fifth books in the Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells.

On the cinematic front, I am thinking about a rewatch of the sixth season of Schitt’s Creek and continuing to watch the best episodes of Cold Case on The Roku Channel before the show expires at the end of the month. I miss Drunk History, but I’ll drown my sorrows with Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax movies.

On the musical front, I am hoping that Lana Del Rey drops her new album Chemtrails over the Country Club before the end of the month and if not, I’ll continue to listen to Taylor Swift’s latest album folklore over and over again as I pretty much have been doing since it was released in late July.

I also will be continuing an online six-week introductory course for Christian Meditation that is being hosted by a group in Houston, Texas and to which I was invited by Deb Nance of the blog, Readerbuzz, and host of the weekly Sunday Salon. The group is part of The World Community for Christian Meditation. I admit that on the night of the election, I will be skipping as (my wife and) I will be “meditating” over a big bottle of wine or other alcohol-based libation.

…after the election (when hopefully we won’t have to move to Celine’s country).

23 thoughts on “Gone ‘Til November

  1. We voted yesterday as well, and although the news mostly annoys me, I have need to to watch. I hope you enjoy the next few weeks unplugged Bryan.


  2. I have a desperate need to stay informed so even though it’s a circus out there and guaranteed to get worse, I am still in it, hopefully with a good outcome on the other side. Enjoy your break!


    1. I still will hear things, at work, but I’m not seeking it out. The last few days especially have made me want to escape the news, because it’s just sad (and infuriating at the same time). So it’s really for my own sanity.


  3. I’ve been on a news blackout since my dad died, I just can’t cope with it all. I’ve been reading, listening to audiobooks and watching tv, sometimes all at the same time just to block it all out


  4. Which Cold Case episode?

    Pretty sure I’m gonna check out of social media a week or so before the election and a couple weeks afterward. I’m of the opinion, that whichever candidate wins, the country is going to go more berzerk. I’m not looking forward to any of it. I’ll vote in person, early, then try and continue to live in peace.
    I’ll get back on in time to see pretty Thanksgiving table settings.


  5. Have a nice month off! Hopefully when you return, things will be a little calmer in the world. I mean, I’m not sure I really believe they will be, but a girl can dream.


  6. Trudeau just extended the border closure until we “get Covid under control” so our Poutine Dreams will have to wait awhile longer……


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