My Own Personal Sabbath #18

From a journal entry about 20 minutes ago:

Today I read the first Albert Campion mystery, The Crime at Black Dudley, by Margery Allingham and started the second one, Mystery Mile. I also finished The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, the last Sherlock Holmes collection of short stories. It also is the last one in a two-volume collection of the Holmes short stories and novels that I slowly had been making my way through over the last couple of years.

I had to return a book I bought on Kindle because the formatting was off. It’s the second book within the last month I’ve had to return for a refund; the first, a book riddled with typos.

I’m just finished watching the end of an Endeavour episode and just started another. The one I just finished was probably the best writing I read all day. And since I put on the closed captioning, it was reading. 

5 thoughts on “My Own Personal Sabbath #18

  1. I like that hack with the closed captioning… it certainly is reading.

    I am not in a very good mood today. The political climate and this horrible air quality has made me grouchy. It’s like an apocalyptic world out there. I am very happy to still be working from home though. I do get bored and get up a lot to empty junk drawers and weed through closets just keep busy but that’s okay.


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