Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, phone-free Sunday!

Two Sundays ago, I tried something new: putting my phone in the desk drawer all day, with all notifications shut off except if a person calls twice within 15 minutes. Then I tried it last Sunday too. I had moderate success, only beginning to cave toward the end of the day to check my phone. So now I am going to do it again tomorrow to end the month on a lovely note and try to make it a tradition.

I should explain…or maybe I shouldn’t, but I will anyway…that for me a phone-free day does not mean a “media-free” day in terms of other devices or being unplugged. For example, tomorrow I plan on reading or continuing to listen to the Sherlock Holmes short stories to which I’ve been reading/listening on my Kindle. I might watch some movies or TV shows on one of the streaming services we have on our TV. I might listen to music on my laptop. I might mow the rest of the lawn that I didn’t finish earlier today with our electric mower (I’m kidding, we have a gasoline-powered mower, but I was trying to go with the unplugged theme).

My phone-free day definitely does mean a media-free day, no quotes, though in terms of news. For some reason, I’ve never been tempted to check news on any of the streaming channels on our TV or on my Kindle or on our electric mower that I don’t have. I only am tempted to look on my phone.

Also I might do all of those things mentioned above. I might do none of them. I don’t know yet. I just know that I won’t be on my phone so don’t call or text me, please. I’ll be “indisposed.”

11 thoughts on “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, phone-free Sunday!

  1. I was on my phone and watching the news all weekend long and was so uneasy when I finally went to bed. Too much unrest and local rumors about our town being looted so I was wanting the notifications ON most of the day.

  2. I love the idea of a phone free day. The question is could I actually do it? Boy, that’s a sad commentary. Hope you enjoyed your notification-free time!

  3. I like this idea! I’m far from being able to attempt it at the moment since I do a lot of reading on my phone. But I think I can try transfer some of that to my Kindle or a physical book. Then check my phone at night only. This will be great to try. Kudos to you on attempting this and even managing it three times in a row. It’s a tradition now!

  4. That’s a great idea. Whenever I want to get ANY reading done, I have to put my phone and laptop in another room or at least on the other side of the room where I can’t reach it without getting up. Otherwise, I’ll take “a quick peek at Twitter/FB/Insta/blogs and 4 hours later wonder why I have no time to read

    I hope you were successful again today with your phone-free Sunday!

  5. I am not one who sits on my phone so I often miss texts and messages that come in and have been chewed out by family members for my negligence. My husband is working on a big project for work so today I will probably start a new jigsaw and try to finish up my Classics Club book: SO BIG. My Sunday Salon post

  6. I rarely use my phone – except to post Instagram pics but I’ve been trying to spend most of my weekends outside so it has been a media/electronic mostly-free time the last few weeks (I check my email and social media when I take water breaks and then watch tv in the evenings). I do have an electric mower and love it.

  7. I think a phone-free Sunday is a powerful idea. I disconnected from random tv in 2003, and it’s been something good for me. I’ve found that I’ve had to disconnect from news alerts lately. I found I was like the little birds that gather at my feeder, taking a bite, and then looking anxiously around for danger, and then taking another quick nervous bite; that’s not how I want to live. My husband only has a phone because I refused to allow him to drive 1500 miles away alone in his car to rock hunt in an isolated area without having the ability to check in periodically with me. He still finds it horribly distracting and intrusive. I understand that.

    Enjoy the peace of Sunday.

  8. That’s a great idea – just unplugging from certain activities like watching the news would help me mentally too.

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