30 46 Days In The Hole

I’m forgoing my “normal” Pushing Forward Back post this month, where I look back on the past month, 30 days, and ahead to the next month. Instead, I thought I’d look back on my/our last 46 days under quarantine through photos.

The above photos were from the last couple of weeks of March. Roughly from top to bottom, they are:

  • The start of my staying at home from work when I learned that the library where I work would be closed until March 30, at that point. It now is “until further notice.”
  • A stack of books I thought I might have time or focus to read, but haven’t…yet and now I’m making my way slowly through the Sherlock Holmes short stories. I’m remembering that I read the novels previously, so I’m skipping them.
  • Schitt’s Creek is one of the TV shows my wife and I have been watching during the last 40-plus days. We haven’t seen the final season yet, but will see it when it comes to Netflix in mid-May.
  • I’ve been walking almost every day since the library has been closed. Not even rain has stopped me.
  • My sister was talking to our mother via Facebook Messenger and put some “makeup” on her.
  • I’ve participated in a few readathons over the last 46 days. The Social Distancing 24in48 Readathon was one of the first.

The above photos were from the first couple of weeks of April. Again, roughly, from top to bottom, they are:

  • A sign I saw on one of my walks before Easter.
  • A bottle of wine from our first order of wine from Three Brothers Wineries & Estates on Seneca Lake in upstate New York.
  • A box of fruit and vegetables from Misfits Market in New Jersey.
  • My Eucharist meal on Easter.
  • My wife Kim celebrating her 50th birthday with a pineapple upside down cake. I celebrated my 50th last year and we went to Seneca Lake. We had planned to go again for hers, but since that didn’t happen, hence the wine.
  • My dad and mom play the board game Aggravation with my sister and her family (they were in between houses at the time, one they were selling, another they were buying, and had to stay with my parents). Thanks to my sister Lisa for the photos of my mom in the collage above and my dad and mom here in this one.

The above photos are from the last couple of weeks here in April. From roughly top to bottom, they are:

  • One day it was nice enough to walk, then the next, snowstorm.
  • I participated but not very well in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon on April 25.
  • While on a walk, I saw the chalk art and had to snap a photo.
  • I had wings from a local restaurant, The Wellsboro House.
  • My wife and I got together for a Zoom Happy Hour with her side of the family.

I’ll leave you with the song where I got the title from:

22 thoughts on “30 46 Days In The Hole

  1. Your family sounds adorable! I love how you have documented everything. Stay home and have some more family time!


  2. I think your photos make quarantine look good. πŸ™‚ This is definitely going to be a strange time to remember.

    That’s a bummer that you had to miss Kim’s 50th at Seneca Lake. I’m drinking my way through a stockpile of wines from a Finger Lakes trip last May. Only one bottle of Dr. Frank gewurztraminer and a half of a Hermann J. Wiemer Riesling and then I’m out. I may just crack and have to order some before this is all over, but it’s just not quite the same without the tasting experience.


  3. I love the way you did this recap! Seeing other people’s lives during this pandemic is somehow comforting. I may steal this approach for my Sunday Salon, so thank you in advance.


  4. Strange times, isn’t it? I never in a million years thought we would be stuck at home without the usual hustle and bustle around us. The world runs on that (and makes money on that too). To stop it all and tell people to stay home was quite shocking and humbling too. I’ve seen so many people actually shine their homes, yards, and mailboxes over the past many weeks. No more time wasted in commutes or even after-school activities. So much to learn at home itself.

    Btw, I meant to post last week but forgot. I’ve been trying to find you in Scrabble go as well, but no luck. It’s Scrabble(R) Go, right? By Scopely? (This link? – https://scopely.com/blog/get-ready-to-spell-f-u-n-scrabble-go-is-now-available-worldwide/)


  5. How nice of the library to let everyone know to come in and binge-checkout before closing. Was that for everyone? I have been frustrated because I requested a bunch of books and most, but not all, had arrived at my branch of the library system, and I was waiting on just a couple more to arrive when the library closed abruptly. There they have been sitting this entire time. But, on a good note, our system is doing a carryout service starting on Monday afternoon.

    We started watching The Good Place at the beginning of the shutdown. I’ve gotten a little obsessed with it. It’s silly but it certainly takes my mind off illnesses and economic worries. Parts of it make me laugh, like when the demon shared that all authors and all of the French are sent to the Bad Place.

    I like your way of wrapping up the experience so far.


  6. Our library system is closed until further notice too, but they’re working hard to figure out how to make it work. I’m waiting to see what happens in these other states that are starting to allow business as usual.

    the weather is finally nice today. We need it to gear up for the next 28 days of stay at home orders.


    1. The weather is nice here today too. I hope to get some mowing done, if it doesn’t rain later, which we are expecting later. Unfortunately, our backyard is soaked already from rain so needs to dry some (a lot) before I can mow there.


  7. I think about my last day of work in the office a lot. It was 3/19 so officially, because I just counted I am on day 43 but it feels more like day 110.

    My son had chest/lung pain last night and this morning my daughter has a very bad sore throat. If this turns into anything I can trace it back to Saturday’s market trip. They are both sleeping right now and both have online classes right now.


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