Still reading (ha)

So since I last left you, while as y’all know, everything has changed globally (say no more, wink wink nudge nudge, know what I mean?) BUT not much has changed here…

…on the reading front. Still reading The Return of Sherlock Holmes…very, very slowly, sometimes not at all. But that’s okay, because…

…on the homefront. Still spending time with my wife as she is off from work as a 911 dispatcher until April 9 (an earlier planned vacation) and we’re celebrating her 50th birthday, which is this Monday. Tonight we’re doing a drinkalong (watching a movie with friends online and drinking with certain rules about the movie) of A Fish Called Wanda for her birthday.

So at least we got that going for us, which is nice…

Name one thing you’ve got going for you that is nice.

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Adapted my highlights to the times.

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13 thoughts on “Still reading (ha)

  1. Hope you wife is enjoying her big day today! Sounds like the evening will be special despite current circumstances. Love (and recognize, I think!) your header photo. 🙂


  2. Something nice that I have going for me are Melissa Etheridge’s daily Facebook concerts from her house, every single day at 6 pm EST. I love her music and these half hour shows are the best. She tells the stories behind the songs and it just so comforting. It’s great. I’m scheduling our dinner times around these performances because the kids don’t appreciate me jamming out and dancing in the kitchen. 😉

    Happy 50th to the wife! Hope she has a great day!


  3. At the end of each day I am amazed that the day has already passed and I haven’t done much (except on my work days, which are filled with zoom meetings). Yesterday we cleaned the house top to bottom, my daughter is baking, and we’re getting through many seasons of TV shows in addition to some reading.


  4. I’m not good with technology in general, so I mostly just hang out at home with hubs and our two kids (and two cats, who do not appreciate all our company all the time…). Love the meme – I’ve got a long reading list going for me, which is nice. Take care of you and yours!


  5. Tonight we are going to try Virtual Movie Night with my sister and her husband. Star Wars should be a nice diversion and it will be great to see my sister’s face, even if it is just on Zoom.

    I’ve been reading nothing but books from my 1001 Children’s Books list. Most of the ones I have read are old, available for free online. I really liked Viking’s Dawn, an adventure story from 1955 that I found on Amazon this week for 99 cents. Life was so awful during Viking times that men and boys sailed off for who-knows-where to fight other people for their possessions. And I finished The Giver yesterday, where Jonas lives in a perfect community in which everything is provided to him, but somehow he finds that is not enough. I hope I can find more books this week like Viking’s Dawn and The Giver.

    I’m very glad you and your wife will get to be together this week. I hope your wife has a wonderful birthday and that you enjoy your time together.


    1. It’s been good so far being home with Kim. She already had the time planned off before…well…everything. Of course, she was going places, but not now. Still good we were, and are, together. Glad you’re able to get together, even if virtually, with your sister and brother-in-law. And which Star Wars are you on now?


  6. My one thing is that I am so grateful to have my husband here with you me during social isolating. Doing this a few years ago when I was single would have been much harder.


    1. That definitely is a good thing. Not to be physically alone. I have my wife, who although a 911 dispatcher, happened to have this week into next week off for her birthday Monday. So a welcome respite in the midst of the chaos.


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