Bewared/bewary after the Ides of March/ looking ahead to April

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Like all of you, my March has not gone exactly as planned, because of COVID-19. Yes, I wanted to continue reading the Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels, which I have. I also wanted to watch Jumanji: The Next Level, which I did with my wife earlier this week. But other than those two things, my plans have gone awry.

I had planned on taking a vacation day on Thursday, March 19, but on March 15, the library where I work, along with all the libraries in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, closed until at least April 6. So I joined two social distancing (a term until my 50th year I was unfamiliar with) readathons and proceeded to set my sights too high on the amount of reading I could accomplish at first.

Then like some of you, I realized that I was/am having a hard time focusing on reading and I scaled my expectations back to reality. So now as a result, for the last couple of weeks, I have been reading a Sherlock Holmes short story or two a day and plan to continue that for the foreseeable future.

But as we all know, especially now, if we didn’t previously, that plans can change. So we will see…

In April, April 6 to be exact, is my wife’s birthday and she will be off from work (as a 911 dispatcher), starting Monday morning until April 9. We plan on catching up up on a few binge-worthy shows on her days off. We’ve already ordered some wine from Three Brothers Wineries and Estates too.

So at least we got that going for us, which is nice…

Name one thing you’ve got going for you that is nice.

40 thoughts on “Bewared/bewary after the Ides of March/ looking ahead to April

  1. I still can’t even believe what we are going through. I keep using the words surreal because that’s the only way I can describe it.

    Thank you for the virtual hugs for the loss of my kitty. It’s been hard to say the least.

    Enjoy your wife’s birthday celebration. My husband’s is in April, too.

    Take care and stay safe!


  2. I am still working, which is nice, because–besides the obvious of being able to pay my bills–it gives me something to do and allows me to still be in contact with my students.

    I hope your wife enjoys her birthday. I am grateful for workers like her.


  3. It’s amazing how quickly everything changed. I share a house with my parents so I am the designated person to go out grocery shopping and deal with the world. I am trying to keep that errand to once a week to minimize exposure. Work has been a bit crazy, but the online teaching begins this week and some semblance of normalcy will be nice.


  4. What I’ve got going for me today is that the weather is finally perfect for sitting out on the back porch. The neighbor’s cat, Marilyn, napping on the chair next to me is a bonus.

    A good wine sounds really nice! Enjoy!

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  5. Not ordering in wine but we should. I did, however, get chocolate in the mail after ordering it last week. I’m reading sporadically but nothing committed to. Too much going on. Total news and social media detox for the weekend and told my Bible study ladies I plan to listen to at least two sermons (not counting one on Sunday) and listen to praise and worship and ignore the world around me. Let’s see how well that goes …

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    1. Listening to XPN here. A show called Sleepy Hollow this morning. We have a little (too little) chocolate here, but Kim made a wonderful apple crisp which was great this morning for breakfast/brunch.

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  6. I am glad that you and your wife will be able to enjoy time together for her birthday celebration. Special wines sound especially wonderful. You will have to tell us all about the celebration here on your blog. I feel like I am a character in SimCity.

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  7. I haven’t been handling this situation well. But I have been trying to find positives where I can, and one thing that’s happened is that a relationship with a family member I didn’t speak too much is now on the mend.

    Your plans sound great- and I love that you ordered special wine. πŸ™‚

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    1. I just read your last post on your blog from about two weeks ago and I think (and know in my case) that most of us can relate. As for your “leaving the gas on” story, I had my own moment of forgetfulness last week and lost my house and car keys while going for a walk. That was not a fun hour and half until I found them with the help of my wife. I’ve heard lately of a few people I know having similar moments of “forgetfulness,” especially losing keys while out for a walk. It doesn’t make it necessarily any less distressing when it is happening, but at least we know that we’re all in this together…as we are finding out. I still hope to see you from time to time here or in the safe space of your blog and read about what else is going on in your life.


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