Bewared/bewary after the Ides of March/ looking ahead to April

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Like all of you, my March has not gone exactly as planned, because of COVID-19. Yes, I wanted to continue reading the Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels, which I have. I also wanted to watch Jumanji: The Next Level, which I did with my wife earlier this week. But other than those two things, my plans have gone awry.

I had planned on taking a vacation day on Thursday, March 19, but on March 15, the library where I work, along with all the libraries in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, closed until at least April 6. So I joined two social distancing (a term until my 50th year I was unfamiliar with) readathons and proceeded to set my sights too high on the amount of reading I could accomplish at first.

Then like some of you, I realized that I was/am having a hard time focusing on reading and I scaled my expectations back to reality. So now as a result, for the last couple of weeks, I have been reading a Sherlock Holmes short story or two a day and plan to continue that for the foreseeable future.

But as we all know, especially now, if we didn’t previously, that plans can change. So we will see…

In April, April 6 to be exact, is my wife’s birthday and she will be off from work (as a 911 dispatcher), starting Monday morning until April 9. We plan on catching up up on a few binge-worthy shows on her days off. We’ve already ordered some wine from Three Brothers Wineries and Estates too.

So at least we got that going for us, which is nice…

Name one thing you’ve got going for you that is nice.

40 thoughts on “Bewared/bewary after the Ides of March/ looking ahead to April

  1. One thing that is good? Well I shall offer you the fact that it is Saturday night and my husband and I have decided to make it special even if we cannot go out (restaurants closed anyway). So we ordered a take away, got dressed as if we were indeed going out, and created our own restaurant in the dining room. Candles lit, music playing, lights dimmed, our best crockery and glasses on the table. And all talk of virus strictly banned. We’re definitely going to make a booking for next Saturday!


    1. That sounds like a great restaurant, especially the all talk of… that 🙂. We have been heavily limiting our news intake this weekend, especially with my wife’s birthday on Monday. But I think it helps anyway. Look in briefly, then quickly look away, not to get too distressed. At least, that is what is workings for us.


  2. I am almost out of wine. Sadness.

    I hope the upcoming birthday celebration goes well. As a dispatcher, is she seeing a huge increase in calls to 911? NY said they have more calls than they did during 9/11.

    We are okay here. My son is home now. Big relief, actually. Last night we sat in the living room, which is never used and just talked for hours. The pup was in heaven because we are always rushing around. She thinks we are now unemployed deadbeats.

    The other day my daughter and I took a walk on one of our bike trails and the people we encountered were far away but didn’t look great. It gave me pause. I have one friend who has it, and another who has family members who have it. Both said that one day they were good, the next day really not. I’ve not been watching the news as much but when I do, it just keeps getting worse. I know it will peak soon.


  3. I understand. I thought I’d get a lot more reading and watching in but my schedule has been sent awry with trying to get my kid through online school and still take care of work and school, etc. Sounds like you’ve made some good goals going forward. I sure wish I could order wine online. My state won’t allow it, unfortunately. I must stand in a long line now for any wine. Thankfully, I bought a box a week before the quarantine so I should be OK for a bit. I hope you and yours stay safe and healthy!


    1. Thanks, hmsgofita. I think I’ve seen you somewhere else, but not sure where. I tried your blog but it’s only by password. Glad you got the box of wine. We’re taking it slowly with the six bottles (one given to a neighbor), now five, now four as we drank our first one yesterday. But yes, slowly. Safe and healthy so far here. Hope you and yours are also doing the same.


  4. Hang in there, Bryan!

    I just found out a local winery is now delivering orders directly to your home. So I’ve got that going for me. 🙂


  5. My birthday was two weeks ago. I spent it eating cake and reading Sherlock Holmes in isolation. Not the best birthday ever, but the cake was yummy. It sounds like you have a good plan for your wife’s birthday.


  6. Actually, I’m really happy that my husband and I have been at-home workers for many years now. I’m not super social, but I do miss wandering off to the library or playing a some ultimate frisbee. The upheaval in life could be so much worse if I were only now dealing with both of us being at home.

    Also, birds. I’ve been enjoying birds doing their bird stuff. The humming birds squabbling over the feeder. The grackle that looked deeply offended by the wind as it was going after bugs in the grass. The hawk that landed in the tree and gave a heart attack to the song bird that was minding its own business. It just comforting to me that at least something is still completely normal.


  7. We’ll be trying to celebrate birthdays in the midst of the virus, too… our twins turn 27 on April 5. One lives with us anyway, the other is now a refugee from NYC. There will be cake… and wine! I haven’t been reading much, but plan to try to get back into a routine this week. Happy Birthday to your wife!


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