Pushing Forward Back February/March 2020

Highlights from this past month: getting a new table for our kitchen, getting a romanesco cauliflower in our Misfits Market subscription box, Seamus (as usual), and the cover art for the book Blue Horses by Mary Oliver.

February found me finally reading poetry this past week after going back and forth whether or not I wanted to read it or not. I read two Mary Oliver books: Dream Work and Blue Horses, enjoying the latter more than the former. I also read two other books this past month:

  • Heaven, My Home, the second in the Highway 59 series, by Attica Locke.
  • How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi,

enjoying the former over the latter with those two as Attica Locke continues to astound me with her writing.

I still am continuing to read the Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories and Pillar of Fire, the second in the America in the King Years series, by Taylor Branch, something I will continue into March.

Highlights of the month include our getting a new table set for our kitchen, our watching the movie Knives Out (which was very good) and having a day off this past and my taking the day off this past Wednesday for Ash Wednesday.

March: We have no special plans, but I am taking a vacation day for the first day of Spring, which comes this year on Thursday, March 19. If the weather cooperates, maybe I’ll get out for a hike that day in the nearby Pennsylvania Grand Canyon to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

The only other thing I know for sure that I’m adding to my reading for March is Lent Is Not Rocket Science: An Exploration of God, Creation, and the Cosmos: Meditations for 40 Days of Lent by W. Nicholas Knisely, the 13th and current bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island.

On the TV and movies front, I guess the movie I’m most looking forward to seeing is Jumanji: The Next Level, which comes out on DVD and streaming on March 17. The first one was a pleasant surprise and I’m hoping the second one will be good too. Last month, we also watched the Zombieland sequel: Double Tap and enjoyed that so hope we will continue our success with sequels.

I’ll leave you with this, from my favorite contemporary composer:

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16 thoughts on “Pushing Forward Back February/March 2020

  1. I liked Max Richter’s desk concert you posted. Very pretty songs & a bit somber. Which of his is your favorite album? Thanks for the word on liking Knives Out …. we hope to see it too.


  2. That is such a cool head of cauliflower! Your cat is adorable and reminds me of a smaller version of our dear departed Freckles. Have a great March Bryan!


  3. So did that cauliflower taste like a regular one? It sure looks interesting! Love your new table. We’ll be shopping for some new furniture later this year when we move into our house. I enjoy Mary Oliver and have a couple of her books. How to Be an Antiracist is on my library list, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. I read three shorter books in February… not a great month for reading, but we had a lot of other things going on. Welcome March!


  4. Knives Out sounds like a movie my husband would like. I wonder if it is still out around here.

    We are starting to plan a hiking vacation for the fall. My husband and I haven’t been to the Smokey Mountains, so we are hoping to head there sometime after summer. Good luck with your hike. Not many places to hike around here. It’s all flat land.

    I was happy to find a short book at Hoopla called Pauses for Lent: 40 Words for 40 Days. Someone (maybe Emma?) recommended this to me last year.

    Have a great week.


  5. Pennsylvania Grand Canyon? I’ll have to look that one up! Never heard of it. I’ve been trying to come up with some smaller physically-active non-cruise vacation possibilities for the future, especially as the kids leave for college and it’s just Jason and me. So definitely keeping that in mind.

    I wish I could watch Knives Out. It sounds like so much fun. But there’s apparently quite a bit of vomiting, so that’s a nope for me. Boo.


  6. Sounds like a very nice well-rounded February. Honestly, mine was too busy and stressful so I’m hoping March is better for me.Your odds for getting a warm First Day of Spring may be somewhat high – looks like the weather is beginning to warm up over next couple of weeks in many places, this side of the US.


  7. I really want to see Knives Out but keep forgetting to watch it. Maybe I’ll get to it this weekend; thank you for the reminder.


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