Some. Of. The. Poetry.

I began the month gung-ho for poetry, joining a poetry challenge, and then doubling down on reading All. The. Poetry. Then after deciding I had bitten off too much, I declared I would have None. Of. The. Poetry. But yesterday after reading two books of poetry, I now am thinking I’ll be okay with Some. Of. The. Poetry.

The two books of poetry were by the late Mary Oliver: Dream Work and Blue Horses. I read both yesterday on Ash Wednesday, which I took off as a vacation day. I borrowed the first from Prime Reading, the second from the Free Library of Philadelphia via the Libby app. While I liked the first one, I enjoyed the second one more for poems like the main poem:

Listen to “Franz Marc’s Blue Horses” by Mary Oliver by On Being Studios on #SoundCloud

The poem was inspired by the painting below:

Turm der blauen Pferde (The Tower of the Blue Horses) c. 1913 by Franz Marc (1880–1916).

I guess I am okay with poetry. For now. At least. Some. Of. The. Poetry.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. To be honest, it doesn’t really feel like poetry to me. If it were written as a paragraph, it would just feel like a reflection. Too wordy for me, not enough play with the sound of the letters and syllables. But I’m very picky when ti comes to poetry


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