Best moments of 2019 in photos

Instead of doing my normal Pushing Forward Back post where I look back at the previous month and ahead to the next month, I thought I’d look back at my best moments in photos from 2019. Not only does it make a good wrap-up post for the year for me, but also it serves to remind me of the good in my life.

January: In celebration of my dad’s 75th birthday, my dad and I go out for breakfast in a restaurant in a town between where we both live. February: I begin a new tradition of getting out of town once a month where I go to a restaurant in a nearby town. March: We put up framed prints I bought from a coworker on our once (and too long) empty wall in our living room. April: My parents, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew and I surprise my wife for her 49th birthday at a local restaurant. May: I go to our town’s parade for Memorial Day with neighbors. A veteran there tosses a copy of an article about his service to our country to me. June: My wife and I go on a wine trip weekend for my 50th birthday.

July: Seamus kicks back in the heat. August: My niece and nephew wave goodbye at the end of a picnic where we all got together for my mother’s 75th birthday. September: Just after Labor Day, my wife and I go on a day wine trip to Seneca Lake, specifically to Three Brothers Wineries which gave the both of us a passport for five samples at each of their three wineries and brewery for my 50th birthday. October: I have a successful arthroscopic knee surgery, where the doctor and his surgical team remove a mass of torn meniscus from my left knee injured earlier in the year. November: My wife makes a scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner, including a “tofurkey” ham for her since she became vegan earlier in the year for health and ethical reasons. December: I get out of town again, this time just barely to visit a lake on the outskirts of town.

Conclusion: Yes, I am a homebody, but I also like to venture out of town too.

A few notes on what was not pictured but still was significant:

  1. My wife and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary this year in November, but as we were both recovering from health issues, we didn’t go anywhere.
  2. My wife was in the hospital one weekend after needing a blood transfusion, but the issue that caused that has been addressed and all is good. We both are getting better, little by little.
  3. We have another cat Alexandra. I have photos of her too, but the one I used of Seamus captured July.
  4. We since have put up other photos on other walls in our living room, making it look a lot more lived in than it has been since we moved into the house almost 15 years ago.

All in all, considering, it didn’t end up a bad year. Now on to 2020, which hopefully will be a better one.

What were some of your best moments this year? Share in the comments or with your own photos.

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4 thoughts on “Best moments of 2019 in photos

  1. That photo of Seamus is the best. I love big round kitties!

    I actually have a roundup of 2019 photos coming on Sunday, though I didn’t actually grab one from each month. Perhaps I should have done that, but the post is pre-drafted so I guess that won’t happen. Heh.


  2. Love the Big 5-Oh! picture. Sounds like a good year. I’m so glad to hear both you and your wife’s health is improving. Happy New Year!


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