Pushing Forward Back November/December 2019

November overall was good. I had a dozen blog posts here on the blog, including this one, eight of them with two different events: Nonfiction November, which ended earlier this week, and Thankfully Reading Weekend, which is still continuing through tomorrow. In addition to two days off for holidays, I had two days off for vacation right before my wife and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary on the 23rd. We also watched two of the three things that I said last month we would watch: Good Omens, Season 1, and Brittany Runs A Marathon, both of which were very good.

However, the month was not without its hiccups, to say the least, including a trip to the hospital and a stay overnight for my wife in the middle of the month. The good news is that after a blood transfusion because of low hemoglobin numbers, and being on another medication to help, she is doing better…even though her numbers still are below normal. She also had nine days off from work, after her hospital stay, which she already had planned off as vacation days, but coincided nicely with her trying to regain her strength.

As for my own recuperation after arthroscopic surgery on my left knee at the end of October, I am progressing well. I still have slight pain from scar tissue that the physician assistant explains that I probably will have for a few months. But I have no limitations on what I can do, other than no deep squats or pivoting or “overdoing it.”

On the reading front, I talked a good game for Nonfiction November:

But I didn’t finish any books. I’m almost finished with The Lord God Made Them All (All Creatures Great and Small Book 4) by James Herriot, only one of 11 books I mentioned last month that I might read in November. I’ll probably finish it tomorrow for Thankfully Reading Weekend.

Blog post of the month

TV show of the month

  • Bess of Both Worlds (aka Upper Middle Bogan), on Hulu

Album of the month

  • MAGDALENE by FKA Twigs

December starts similarly to the last week in November, with a couple days off from work in the middle of the week this coming Wednesday and Thursday. Then at the end of the month, I have off three days for Christmas: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas and two for New Year’s: New Year’s Eve Day to usher out 2019 and New Year’s Day to usher in 2020. My wife works Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but midnight shifts both days so at least we’ll see each other during both days. Even though we won’t able to travel anywhere to see family, we should be able to have Christmas dinner together.

Unlike last month, where I listed all the possibilities of what I might read and then only getting to one of them, this month I think I’ll just list one book that but I’d like to finish before year’s end: Every Living Thing, the fifth and final book of the All Creatures Great and Small series, by James Herriot. That way, I’m not setting my sights too high.

Also in December, I am joining hosts Tanya and Kim along with other bloggers for the event A Month of Faves. I already have started a note in Evernote that includes ideas for the days and topics in which I will be participating. The first one is Monday: Popular Books Worth The Hype.

Most Anticipated Movie of The Month

This one from director Noah Baumbach, to be released on Netflix, Dec. 6:

Most Anticipated Album of The Month

Tunes 2011 to 2019 by Burial, also due out on Dec. 6, which features this track:

How was your month of November ? Read any good books, seen any good movies and/or TV shows, listened to any good music? What are you looking forward to most in December?

16 thoughts on “Pushing Forward Back November/December 2019

  1. I finished some books but most of that reading didn’t happen until Friday. I was busy with Thanksgiving planning. Then my kids and I got sick. I had to push a bunch of reviews back to later weeks and use reviews of backlist books I was planing to post in January. My weekly update


  2. I’m glad you’re progressing so well and hope your wife continues to improve. A friend and I want to watch Brittany Runs a Marathon together but who knows when we’ll find the time. Happy December!


  3. It has been a hard month for you and your wife. I hope she continues to improve and get her numbers back up where they should be.

    Thanks for sharing the info about A Month of Faves. I think I will join in this year, at least a few times. I’ve never joined in before, so this will be fun. They say that counting your blessings adds to your happiness, and I’m always interested in increasing my happiness.

    And, speaking of happiness, Bonnie of Bonnie’s Books put me onto a series of lectures (I know that sounds dull, but, trust me, they are far from that) for a course at Harvard called Justice. I suddenly feel completely refreshed about political life in America and I feel full of hope for the future of the world after viewing these students. The book Justice is wonderful, too.

    Have a lovely week.


    1. Thanks, Tanya. Tomorrow we’re supposed to get a mixture of rain, ice, and snow so there will be plenty of time to work on my blog post for the first day. If the power doesn’t go out. 🙂


  4. Glad I read it in your blog that we won’t be seeing you at Christmas. 😛 Again, this year. – Sincerely, Your sister. 🙂 😉 (Purely left for your blog readers to think they’ve stumbled upon a family rift.).

    Also, sounds like your November was totally dull with no excitement at all. Whew! That’s a relief!

    (Cool books you’ve been reading, by the way.)


      1. Oh and P.S. they were at the family Christmas gathering last year – my bad. At least the books looked good … even if you didn’t read them but it was a crazy month of unexpected moments


  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Kim! I also didn’t know she was in the hospital. I’m glad she’s okay.

    I might just have to join the Month of Faves event. It sounds like fun. Maybe tomorrow I’ll plan out some ideas.


    1. I sent you a message on Instagram…but it was a private message, to let sj know in case she hadn’t heard from her. They’ve been writing letters. I should have e-mailed you instead. I’ve done Month of Faves for a couple of years. I don’t usually do all of them, but several of them. These blogging events help keep me in the blogging world.

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