Thankfully Reading For The Next Few Weeks

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Earlier this month, I announced that I was joining Jenn of Jenn’s Bookshelves for Thankfully Reading Weekend Nov. 27 to Dec. 1. However, in light of this past week and for the next two upcoming weeks that I have two days off each week from my usual five-day work week, I have decided to extend the “weekend” to three weeks. Today I am starting the event unofficially and continuing it through Dec. 5, the last of two days that I will have off from my usual five-day work week until Christmas.

Today, I plan to read, or at least begin reading, The Lord God Made Them All, the fourth book in the All Creatures Great and Small series (at least in the order here in the US), by James Herriot. I slowly am making my way through the series (the first couple a reread, the rest new to me) that I started last year.

Then on Thanksgiving Day here in the US and this coming Friday also known as Black Friday, again for those of us here in the US, I plan a reread of Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I just watched the adaptation on Amazon and I felt it was/is time for a reread since it’s been so long since I have read the book.

For the final two days of my own version of the Thankfully Reading Weekend, I plan to read Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: A Sortabiography by Eric Idle. I bought it via a Kindle deal last year but haven’t read it yet.

So how about you? Wherever you are in the world, no matter whether you have time off from work in the near future for holidays or not, what have you read, are reading or plan to read that is, or you think might be, good?

In other news:

  • For the past month, I have been joining in with other book bloggers for an event called Nonfiction November. The first week, Oct. 28 to Nov. 1, I looked back at my year in nonfiction. The second week, Nov. 4 to Nov. 8, I paired a nonfiction book with a fiction book. The third week, Nov. 11 to Nov. 15, I shared a list of books on a topic that I’d like to read or “become the expert,” as host for the week Katie from the blog Doing Dewey explained the prompt. Last week, Nov. 18 to Nov. 22, I talked about what makes a nonfiction book I’ve read one of my favorites. This coming final week, Nov. 25 to Nov. 29, I will share what books I am adding to my TBR as a result of the reading others’ posts during the event.
  • In December, I will be joining hosts Tanya and Kim along with other bloggers for the event A Month of Faves. I already have started a note in Evernote that includes ideas for the days and topics in which I will be participating.
  • Yesterday, Nov. 23, my wife Kim and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary anniversary. She is in the middle of a vacation that began Tuesday and lasts through Thanksgiving night when she returns to work, and, as I mentioned above, I had two days off from work. We didn’t do anything special as we both are on the mend from various medical issues (me, a successful arthroscopic surgery on my left knee last month; and her, too complex to explain here, but don’t worry, she’s getting better day by day).
  • But from Wednesday through Friday, we enjoyed an impromptu binge-watch of an Australian show called Upper Middle Bogan (titled Bess of Both Worlds on Hulu here in the US). It was really good. I’ve added the (NSFW) trailer below. We also watched Brittany Runs A Marathon at my sister’s suggestion and it was excellent. We ended the night with watching/rewatching a few episodes of Gavin and Stacey, which is one of our favorite TV shows ever.

15 thoughts on “Thankfully Reading For The Next Few Weeks

  1. Heyyyyyy Happy Anniversary!!!

    I’m looking forward to Thankfully Reading as I have Wed, Thur & Fri off this year. Well, I may have to work a couple hours on Wednesday to make up some time from when my internet was down a couple weeks ago, but after that I can hit the books.

    What books? Undecided, but I will probably start off with the one I’m reading now, since I haven’t gotten very far in it. It’s a book from 2012 called Defending Jacob and I just learned a series starring Captain America is being made of it for Apple TV + so I’m excited for that.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Reading!


  2. Happy belated anniversary to you and Kim! Your Thankfully Reading plans sound wonderful (I’m joining in, too) and I’m so glad to see #AMonthOfFaves returning again. No real plans for my Thankfully Reading. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Ugh, we Australians are really not like that at all, well at least I’m not LOL.
    I’m trying to get a few more books finished for the last week of #nonficnov, I have Inheritance by Dani Shapiro, and Eggshell Skull by Bri Lee scheduled but I hope to squeeze in at least one more

    Wishing you a great reading week, and Happy Anniversary 🥂

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  4. I like how you are expanding the Thankfully Reading Weekend. It’s nice to block out a portion of time to devote yourself to reading. I also want to use the weekend to focus on thankfulness. It seems to be a key component of happiness and I find instant happiness when I count my blessings. Thanksgiving should be a good time to focus on this.

    I’ve enjoyed Nonfiction November so much this year. The list of books I’ve added to my TBR is huge (I’ll be posting it tomorrow), but it should help me with next year’s event, I think. I’m also going to use the Thankfully Reading Weekend to focus on finishing up the nonfiction books I’ve requested from the library for the month.

    Happy anniversary! We celebrated our 41st anniversary this year. I think I’ve almost got him trained.

    Thank you for the list of good tv you shared. We’ve just finished Poldark and Corfu and we have nothing in the hopper for what’s up next. I was able to find two of your suggestions on Amazon Prime. We will give them a try.

    Hope to see you around the blogosphere this week!


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