The Brokenwood Mysteries, Series 1

Each Wednesday (at least every few months at this point) either my wife and/or I share what we are watching (either together or separately) in terms of movies and TV each week in a feature called “What We’re Watching Wednesday.” 

This week, I watched The Brokenwood Mysteries, Series 1 on Hoopla through the Free Library of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, I’ll have to stop there until next month as the library only allows borrowing four items per month with Hoopla. Luckily, though the first season was four episodes so I was able to watch all of the first season, with my wife joining in on some and enjoying them as well.

The show begins with Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea) coming to the small town of Brokenwood in New Zealand to investigate a murder, and I was immediately hooked when he popped in a cassette of country music to the tape deck in his vintage but not-much-to-look-at car. The music for me sets the tone of the show and is brilliantly used, but beyond that, the characters not least of all including Detective Kristin Sims (Fern Sutherland) and Jarded Morehu, Shepherd’s Maori neighbor (Pana Hema Taylor) are…well…fun to hang out with for about an hour and a half each episode. For me, I was looking for a break from Midsomer Murders, which after watching 10 seasons of, I’m growing weary. This was, and is, the perfect antidote.

So how about you? Watching any good TV or movies this past week? Share in the comments.

4 thoughts on “The Brokenwood Mysteries, Series 1

  1. I am stuck on an old British sitcom, with a sometimes serious twist – One Foot in the Grave. Most of the time I laugh, sometimes I gasp and sometimes I cry. It about a cranky man who thinks he is close to death when he is forced to retire. It follows crazy adventures he has, mainly caused by his cranky attitudes. His long suffering wife starts to tell him off as the show progresses.


  2. That series isn’t available in the UK yet it seems, or at least I haven’t found it. Pity – I was in New Zealand this year so was hoping to revive some happy memories of the scenery….

    Over here the big excitement is for series 3 of The Crown which airs in November.

    I’m not surprised you have lost the enthusiasm for Midsomer Murders. How many nasty people can there possibly be in one small village???

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