Medical Update No. 1: Colonoscopy

Today, I had the first of two major medical procedures that I am having this month, in back-to-back weeks. Next Tuesday, I am having arthroscopic surgery on my left knee to check, and repair if needed, my meniscus which was diagnosed earlier this summer as “degenerative” from osteoarthritis. But first, earlier this morning, I had a colonoscopy since I just turned 50 in June.

To keep it short, the procedure went well, with the doctor discovering a small polyp that is being sent for biopsy, with a report coming back in five to 10 days if cancerous, precancerous or noncancerous. And now tomorrow I have a PSA (prostate-specific antigen) blood test, another medical procedure, along with another blood test prescribed by my primary.

As always, I’ll keep you updated.

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