Bruce, Elton, Four Tet & 3 Brothers

This past week, this is what I have…


I received this in a book blogger gift exchange a few years ago, because my wife is a HUGE Bruce Springsteen fan. Then it went on a shelf on our bookcase and finally to a shelf on my computer desk, where finally I picked it up a couple of weeks ago after writing about how I need to read books that have been sitting on my shelves for too long. I read it over a week and a half, and I’m glad I finally read it as it probably will be up among the top books I’ve read this year, if not the top book at year’s end.


We rented this Friday night, and while we didn’t know it was a musical (think Moulin Rouge), we still loved it (we also loved Moulin Rouge). Worth it for Taron Egerton’s performance alone.

& Listened To

My wife and I also went to Three Brothers Wineries & Estates on Seneca Lake in upstate New York on Tuesday as they gave me two tasting passports for me and my wife to each of their three wineries and their brewery for my 50th birthday back in June. I can’t figure out how or if I can embed “Instagram Stories” to the blog, so I’ll just leave you with this link where you can see the highlights of our day trip:

So what did you read, watch or listen to this past week? Any other highlights from this past week?

10 thoughts on “Bruce, Elton, Four Tet & 3 Brothers

  1. I haven’t seen Rocketman yet but even my musical theatre kids said a little less “musical” would have been good. I guess it’s actually going to be a musical on Broadway so perhaps the format makes sense.

    The entire weekend for a blur for me. I really didn’t watch anything of interest. I was flipping and could not settle on any one thing. Instead, mopped the floors. Very exciting but when I am antsy I clean.

    Still having trouble reading but I am making myself do it for my book club. I gotta get through this book! Bridge on the Drina. Was hard to find a copy and it’s not my cup of tea.


  2. I want to watch Rocketman, Elton John’s music is always so great to sing along to.

    I’m glad you were able to get away, and had such a great time. I did very little during the past week.

    Have a great reading week


  3. Wow. It sounds like last week was a wonderful week. It had everything in it—good travels, good wine, and good books.

    The Instagram summary of your trip is excellent. I really must learn more about Instagram. My sister always urges me to use it more. I’m especially glad to see that you learned a bit about wine etiquette.

    Have a lovely week.


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