What We’re Watching Wednesday: Cobra Kai, Season 2

Each Wednesday either my wife and/or I share what we are watching (either together or separately) in terms of movies and TV each week in a feature called “What We’re Watching Wednesday.” This week, she and I watched Cobra Kai, Season 2 on YouTube Premium in a short binge-watch Monday and yesterday.

With all of the reboots, remakes, and continuations of series that should have ended long ago (looking at you, Terminator series) out there, it is nice when a series like The Karate Kid returns, with a fresh look at the two main competitors: Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. It is also good to see the main two actors, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, return to their original roles, but what makes the show exceptional is that everything isn’t as black and white as it was in the original movie. Daniel is not the flawless hero; Johnny, not the completely bad guy. Even John Kreese, the original leader of Cobra Kai, might not be as horrible as he seems…or is he?

If you already have YouTube Premium, it’s worth watching to see what happens with the trio as they age, not always graceful but with at least two of them with honor, and Daniel and Johnny’s children and students, who are thrown in the middle of this battle between two dojos. Plus it’s a quick, mostly fun binge-watch. If you don’t have YouTube Premium, don’t get it just for this show, as good as it is. Wait for it to come out on DVD in a few years, which it inevitably will. It’ll be worth it then too.

5 thoughts on “What We’re Watching Wednesday: Cobra Kai, Season 2

  1. I don’t have a premium account but the show looks good from the clips I’ve seen.
    I haven’t been watching much this week. I recorded a bunch of those Beachfront Bargain Hunt shows because someday I want to live by the beach. I can usually watch a few of those while doing other things but that’s all I can do this week.


      1. You should definitely check the show out then. They find the most amazing properties and I’ve looked them up and they really are the price they say.

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  2. We finally started watching Good Omens last night and I’m very pleased with it so far. Eric hasn’t read the book yet, so has nothing to compare it to, but I think they’re doing a good job with the adaptation.


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