The illusion of planned reading

Clockwise from bottom left are snapshots from each day of the weekend Saturday until this morning, with Memorial Day in the middle. 1.) Saturday: Plans to read The Lord God Made Them All. 2.) Sunday: Reading Sunday Salon posts. 3.) Monday (center):Memorial Day parade in our town. 4.) Tuesday: Wine, cheese and crackers 5.) Wednesday: Halfway through A Man Lay Dead.

This also could be subtitled “Looking Back At My 2019 Memorial Day Weekend.” This post was partially inspired by Sarah Sammis’s post “The illusion of organized reading” on her blog Puss Reboots.

Two weeks ago, I wrote this here on the blog: “I think now that I’m going to continue reading Herriot’s series that ends with The Lord God Made Them All and Every Living Thing, starting this coming long Memorial Day Weekend…” I even intended to follow through with that as I put the photo above in my Instagram Stories. However, that didn’t happen. In fact, I hardly read at all and when I did, I picked up a series that my friend John recommended: the Inspector Alleyn series by Ngaio Marsh.

Specifically, he recommended one he had just read: Night at the Vulcan, which he said was especially good. I went to Overdrive (via the Libby app) on the Free Library of Philadelphia website and found it, which John had told me was later in the series. While I checked it out, I also checked out the first one in the series too: A Man Lay Dead. I usually am a stickler for reading series in order, one might even say obsessive. But this time around, I’m only going to read this first one and then skip to No. 16 in the series with Night at the Vulcan (GASP!) even though FLP has the first 18 in the series.

I am about halfway through the first one and am enjoying it so far. I will get back to the Herriot series, but it probably won’t be until next month, maybe even after my birthday weekend (again GASP!). All this to show you that sometimes what I present here and what I actually do are different. But it still turned out okay, even if it wasn’t what I had planned.

How was your Memorial Day Weekend? Any reading? Family time? Burgers, hot dogs, the like?

12 thoughts on “The illusion of planned reading

  1. Oh trust me, my reading plans continually change. What I post on Sundays is often changed by the time I get to the end of the week. I hope you are having a great week!


  2. I think it’s perfectly fine to adjust your reading plans. I do it all the time. In fact, I seem to get most frustrated when I push myself to do something, book-wise, that I really don’t want to do.

    Right now, for example, I’m trying to read all the 1001 Children’s Books I checked out last week from the Houston Public Library. Some of them I do not really like very much (Can you say Demon Headmaster?) Nevertheless, I feel like it’s my opportunity to read some books that are not easy to obtain, and so I’m making myself push through. Ugh. I do not like that feeling.


  3. I’m a moody fickle reader. I keep thinking that I should join the Classics Club: make a list of 50 classics and then read them in five years. I already have a list I’m working my way through. But I’m afraid that if I actually post the list, I will never want to read another classic ever again! (I’m being only slightly histrionic there).

    My husband and I did nothing special for Memorial Day, but we did extend our gaming weekend.


  4. I have good intentions when it comes to planning out what I’m going to read and then I see a book I want to read and it goes to the top of the list.

    We had a cookout with my two sons, DIL, and oldest grandson. Hamburger, hot dogs, baked beans & macaroni salad. Funny not funny, we all forgot all about dessert 😦


  5. What I plan to read is hardly ever what I actually read. I try. I mean, I really try but mood wins these days.

    My burger over the holiday weekend was just what I wanted. I went to two stores to find a good gluten free bun but it paid off. I normally make my burgers from scratch but my son wanted frozen burgers; said it reminded him of his childhood which is weird because I only used frozen burgers once for his birthday party. I got Sam’s Club Angus frozen patties and they were delicious! I am partial to special sauce on a burger so I made my own and it was perfect.


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