What We’re Watching Wednesday: The Short Season Shows, Part 1

Each Wednesday either my wife and/or I share what we are watching (either together or separately) in terms of movies and TV each week in a feature called “What We’re Watching Wednesday.” This week and next week, we are sharing our favorite short season shows (those shows with three or less seasons): me, this week; Kim next week.

The first one up for me is one that I’ve mentioned previously here: David & Olivia? Naked in Scotland. We saw a trailer for this and thought we definitely needed to watch this, so we did. We weren’t disappointed in the show itself, but unfortunately it’s only three episodes long. We almost wonder if the two creators, who also star in the show, aren’t hoping to sell the show to a larger network at some point. We sure hope someone picks it up, because it was, and is, really good. Edited one day later: Oops, the show just dropped a second season today on Amazon Prime Video. Edited one minute later (well, sort of, after looking at some reviews of the show online…not the show but on Amazon): There are two episodes missing of the second season. Looking up on IMDb, I see that’s true (averting eyes from seeing what the episodes are about…very, very carefully). Unfortunately, I still couldn’t find a trailer for this New Zealand show, but if you have Amazon Prime, definitely give the first season a try and we’ll hope Amazon Prime Video gets the last two episodes of the second season. Edited half an hour later: I did find this video that included clips of the show from the company, New Zealand Son Films, that produced the show.

The second one, Miranda, is both on Amazon Prime and Hulu. The show, only three seasons and 22 episodes, stars comedian Miranda Hart and is based on “her semi-autobiographical BBC Radio 2 comedy Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop (2008).” If you need joy, definitely try this one:

So how about you? Watching any good TV this past week? Movies you’d recommend?

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  1. My husband and I have had a hard time finding tv we like. About four years ago, we were told of the show How I Met Your Mother. It turns out there were more than ten seasons of it. We spent any number of months (maybe two years) occasionally watching episodes. Then we were told of Big Bang, and we are making our way through all of those. I asked bloggers for recommendations some time back, and I’m keeping a running list of possibilities, so that is helping.


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