Being honest here…

…Here’s where I am. At only 10 books finished for the year so far, and one more, All Things Wise and Wonderful by James Herriot, that I am planning to finish by tomorrow, I am not a “real” book blogger.

…I’m okay with that. I still read what I want, whenever I can, even if I don’t fit the normal mold of “book blogger.” As always, this blog, as my life, is a work in progress, hence my being “still an unfinished person.”

…Plans don’t always go as…well…planned. For example, this past Wednesday I planned for Kim and I to write a blog post on short season shows we both liked. I then abandoned that and instead we had a post about our favorite Mother’s Day movies. This coming Wednesday, we plan to return with our recommendations for short season shows, those shows that didn’t or don’t expand beyond five seasons but are still worth watching, in our humble opinion.

…I’m not going to see my mom for Mother’s Day, not because I don’t want to and not because I don’t love her, but I need two days down this weekend, of not going anywhere, to rest my still sore (but slowly getting better) knee.

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…I don’t know how I fit in with all of you Sunday Salon bloggers as I don’t consider myself a book blogger anymore. I don’t take review copies…er, obviously, with only 10 books read so far and all of them already published when I read them. I don’t do blog hops except for the Sunday Salon if that’s what you want to consider it, which in some ways, it is, but in other ways, it isn’t and why I like participating because of the people like many of you from around the country and around the world that I have met.

…I do readathons, but when I do, I’m not “in it to win it” like some of you seem to be. And I don’t get some readathons like Bout of Books (coming up this week and please join if you’re so inclined) that go for a week. I work during the week and when I got home from work, usually at 8 p.m. since I usually work afternoons, after being on a computer much of the day, one of the last things I want to do is read fine print on a screen or even worse in a printed book. Like I said in a previous post on “How Do YOU Read?”, I’m weird in that I like longer stretches of time in which to read. I’m not accustomed to reading in short bursts, and yes, probably why I’ve “only” read 10 books so far this year.

…That “only” will be a post for another time: The “only” and book blogger guilt of not reading the number of books per year we’ve read in the past and how some book bloggers can look down their noses at people who choose not to read for whatever reason or maybe can’t read. Not all, but some. I just have to figure out how to write it without coming across as a snob myself against what I perceive as book snobbery and not looking down my nose either at them.

…I feel sometimes I don’t read some of your blog posts as carefully as I should because I feel like I’m rushing through posts to try to respond to every post here in The Sunday Salon. I also feel sometimes that some of you don’t read mine either that carefully, so there is miscommunication on both sides. I’m sure that I’ll get at least one comment to this post that misconstrues something I wrote or doesn’t read the entire post and get the point, if there even is one, in context. And on the flip side, I’ll probably do the same with my response to your response or a comment on one of your posts.

…That said, I’m trying to do better and not just comment for commenting’s sake. If I don’t have something to say on your post, I just won’t say it. If I relate to something, I’ll respond, but just because I don’t comment doesn’t mean that I didn’t read your post; it just might be that I didn’t relate to what you were writing, at least not at the time I was reading…and maybe never. Likewise, don’t feel obliged to comment on my blog posts. I welcome your comments, but don’t expect them. I will attempt to be more attentive to reading your posts too and not rushing through them for the sake of reading them.

…I don’t know if I said all this correctly or in the spirit this post is meant to be taken, as a sort of a mind dump for me.

Honestly, this probably doesn’t work with this post, but honestly I don’t care. 😉

Honestly, where are you this week in terms of reading books, watching TV and/or movies, listening to music…in life, in general? Be honest. It’s okay. I asked for it.

30 thoughts on “Being honest here…

  1. I’ve been blogging for over ten years years, but still evolving. Years ago I did a lot of memes, wrote thoughtful book reviews, and delighted in review books. Now I just try do a weekly update, some short book briefs when a book inspires me, and a Tuesday list or quote if I have time. I haven’t accepted review books in years, don’t do readathons, and gave up on challenges. (I joined a classics challenge as a test this year & it’s not going well.) I like to read what I want, when I want, and I’m a slow reader so 50 books is a great year for me. I suppose this all boils down to “you do you”… whatever works is fine.

    It’s hard to visit all the blogs I’d like, especially when a meaningful comment is the goal. I’m considering reading a few Sunday posts daily throughout the week instead of trying to do everything on Sunday or Monday. It’s a process…

    Anyway, I’m glad your knee is improving and hope you have a good week.

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    1. I join challenges every so often too and don’t do well either. Glad to know it’s not just me. I like the idea of reading a few Sunday posts throughout the week. I’m starting to go that way anyway, because I’m finding the reading of the posts is “cutting into” my reading time otherwise. Often the weekends is when I read books. Spreading out my reading of blogs would, and will, help. Thanks for reinforcing what I was starting to do anyway.


  2. I realized *very* quickly that review copies were not for me–too much like homework. I do know that once I changed the subtitle of my blog, it freed me up to write about other stuff, which I very much enjoy.

    I hope your knee is feeling better.


  3. I think our blogs should be what we want them to be, not what others expect or push for. I read however many books fits my year. Some months it’s a bunch and others, it isn’t. I’ve been reading more the past week or so since my family is all out of town, but they will all return in a week so reading will slow down again. I do enjoy commenting on other blogs, but will admit that I usually don’t check the box to get new comments. I just can’t deal with all those emails. But then I feel like I am not truly engaging in a conversation. I will check the box on yours today because I am interested in what others say and your response since you are obviously thinking about this a bunch.


    1. I rarely check the box either for new comments. I do sometimes, if I have asked a question, return to the blog where I left a comment. My blog/blogs have evolved over the year and I’m still learning. I sometimes regret not keeping my one blog, an unfinished person in this unfinished universe, but mostly that was out of my control as I had issues with a hosting company and “forced” me to “let it go.” Other than that, I don’t regret much, especially other bloggers, whether “book” or not, I’ve met along the way.


  4. There really are no rules, except as someone above commented that you mention a book now and then. I post a lot of reviews because I read a lot, and I read fast, and have for my whole life, but my blog is something for me, an escape I guess from the demands of family life where everybody else’s needs come first.
    I appreciate it when people are interested and I enjoy the sense of community among book bloggers, because none of my rl friends love reading the way I do, but I generally don’t comment expecting reciprocation (except with these type of memes which were created largely for that purpose) Sometimes I comment to join in the discussion, sometimes to share an opinion, and sometimes just to let the blogger know someone is ‘listening’ because everyone appreciates knowing they aren’t alone.
    I guess, to use a cliche, I just do me, and people can like it or not, and I’m happy for people to do the same.


  5. I’ve had years where I’ve only read ten or twenty books. I will probably again in the future. I don’t take review copies either. I don’t do cover reveals, book tours, or any of the typical book blogger promotional stuff. The blog is a hobby. It’s something to do at night while my husband and son are watching TV. My Sunday Salon


    1. I’ll continue to be honest: I could care less about cover reveals or book tours. Most of the books, although not all, are “backlist” books. I find sometimes when I do read “the latest big thing” that I don’t get why it’s “the latest big thing.” The blog is a hobby for me too, that I enjoy sharing and connecting with others through.


  6. I am so glad to read your knee is improving. I agree with what some of the others have said about their being no rules for what constitutes a book blogger. I think a lot of that comes from our own expectations of ourselves and how we perceive others. I cannot compete with someone who is able to read ten books a month or what have you. I don’t care to try. And with my busy schedule, churning out thoughtful blog posts is beyond me most days. Which is why I fall back on memes–for their ease and convenience. I know that isn’t to everyone’s tastes, and I am okay with that. We each do what works best for us. And hopefully what still keeps it worthwhile for us.

    As for commenting, I imagine I do not always read as carefully as I could, especially if I am reading multiple posts one right after the other. I know there are times someone comments on one of my posts, and I can tell they didn’t read mine all that thoroughly. There’s also the fact that I do not always feel the need to comment on every aspect of a post either. My comments do tend to be on the shorter side, although I try to make them worthwhile to the receiver. But I suppose that’s all a matter of perspective. If I absolutely cannot think of anything to say, I don’t leave a comment.

    I hope you have a great week, Bryan!


    1. I blog in memes too: the Sunday Salon and my own meme, What We’re Watching Wednesday so no judgment from me. 🙂 I’m reading multiple posts today, as I usually do, and responding to multiple comments, trying to make sure I pay attention. However, like you, I don’t feel the need to comment on every aspect of a post either…or sometimes, like you, to comment at all.


  7. Same. Not a “real” or full-on book blogger. Read what I want, when I can. Sometimes I share my thoughts about a book, sometimes I don’t.
    I don’t know about other bloggers, but I don’t care or even pay any attention to how many books someone else reads–although my eyes may have bugged out when I happened upon someone whose reading goal for the year is 300+ books–and I definitely don’t want anyone commenting on my blog just for commenting sake and I don’t do that, either. If I read a post from start to finish but have nothing to say about it, I will, at least, hit the like button so they know I was there and read what they had to say.
    I enjoy your blog because you always seem to have something interesting going on to write about and even if it’s just something like Wings night in front of the TV you manage to make it sound fun and interesting.
    Makes total sense to me that you would postpone your short season shows blog post to do a more timely Mother’s Day movies post. Sorry your knee is being a jerk so you need to stay home this weekend.


    1. I just don’t want to make my knee worse as it hopefully is healing. About an hour and half drive to my parents and since it’s my left leg… Anyway, I explain too much. Just need to rest it.

      Thank you for the kind words on the blog. BTW, I corrected your comment and deleted the follow up comment about the it.

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      1. Oh thank you very much for correcting my comment. And yes, totally understand about the knee. You’ve got to let things like that heal. Hard as it is.


  8. I don’t think there are book blogger laws. If there are, no one ever told me what they are. I never feel like I am a real book blogger. When I write about the books I read, I always feel like my writing is too simplistic and lacks depth. My comments are the same way. I’ve never written long, detailed, and precise reviews either. And I rarely post more than three times a week, and one of those posts is always a list and one is a photo. Again, not much of a book blogger.

    But despite all my flaws, I love to write a little each week about my reading, and I love to visit other blogs and see what other people are doing. So I think I will claim that label, however little I do to merit it; I love to blog; I am a blogger.


  9. So, I didn’t realize that there were stipulations to being a book blogger aside from reading books and writing about them. Are there bloggers out there who try to dictate what a book blogger is and isn’t? If so, that’s unfortunate. I mean, look at my blog—I don’t have a whole lot of time to blog anymore, and I also don’t take review copies anymore, but I would still call myself a book blogger…because I blog about books. I hadn’t thought that there was a Book Blogger Handbook of rules. Heh. And if there is? [chucks handbook out the window, brushes off hands]

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    1. But…but…you read a lot of books. 😛 Which I did mean to ask…how do YOU 🙂 do it?

      Yes, a lot of it is in my head. Sometimes…er, yeah, all the time…I’m in my head too much, hence this post and most of my posts.

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      1. I have not read nearly as many books this year as I have in years past. I’ve read 30 books so far this year, mainly by binge-reading on the weekends. I try to get all of my school work done during the week after work, so I can have my weekends to myself to read. And I read a little bit at night before bed to help me fall asleep faster.


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