What We’re Watching Wednesday: Mother’s Day Movies

Each Wednesday either my wife and/or I share what we are watching (either together or separately) in terms of movies and TV each week in a feature called “What We’re Watching Wednesday.” This week, we were going to highlight our favorite short season shows, but this morning, with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I decided to switch the theme to “Mother’s Day Movies.”

When both of us think of Mother’s Day movies, we immediately think of only one, for which here’s the trailer:

The movie is available to rent on all of the major streaming services. Unfortunately, it’s not free, but believe me, it is worth the watch.

Upon further reflection, about a minute, my wife did come up with one other:

Little Women (1994) is available on Netflix streaming, as the date of publication of this post, and hopefully still will be available this weekend.

When you think of Mother’s Day movies, what do you think of? Or TV shows or episodes of TV shows that are a must-watch this Mother’s Day? Share in the comments.

20 thoughts on “What We’re Watching Wednesday: Mother’s Day Movies

  1. I don’t think of movies and mother’s day. I haven’t seen either film you’ve posted about. I suppose Home would count as it’s all about the main character trying to reunite with her mother.


  2. The first thing that comes to mind is the Anne of Green Gables television series from the 80s. Marilla Cuthbert is an excellent mother. Then I thought of Cheaper by the Dozen – the original black-and-white movie with Clifton Web and Myrna Loy. It focuses on the dad of the family, but the mother has such a strong and steady presence.


    1. I remember Anne of Green Gables. Was that the one with Megan Follows? If so, I think my sister was into that one She hated the new one on Netflix, she said. I didn’t Cheaper by the Dozen was a remake. I’ll have to seek out the original now…maybe I Remember Mama with Cheaper by the Dozen. But first to end Game of Thrones.


      1. I haven’t read the books yet. They are in my kindle. I saw the movies. I think Glen Close is in them. Or Meryl Streep. One of them. Essentially she’s a mail order bride, but she also becomes the mother of the children. It’s a sweet story. Little House was more focused on Pa, yes.


  3. I recall an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where the wife and the MIL get into it over Mother’s Day plans. It was so real life to me.

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