What We’re Watching Wednesday | The latest incarnation of The Tick

Do we really need another version of The Tick, now on its third version for TV?

The first show was animated and ran from 1994 to 1996; the second, live-action, from 2001 to 2002; and now this third one, from 2016 to now. All three have overseen by creator Ben Edlund, who first introduced the character “in 1986 as a newsletter mascot for the New England Comics chain of Boston area comic book stores” and then put the character off into a comic book series.

The answer, after a funny but inconsistently so first season, is “Yes, yes, we do.” In the first season, we were introduced to The Tick and Arthur, his sidekick, as they battled the villain The Terror. There were moments that clicked, but many that didn’t, including to me, The Terror. In this second season, The Tick and Arthur join up with AEGIS, “a federal agency tasked with working with superheroes and fighting super villains,” and the action and comedy really pick up. Or as my wife just said when I asked her why she liked the second season better than the first: “I liked the story line about the organization [AEGIS]. I thought it was funnier.”

It was, and assisting with what made it funnier were the continuation of the character Overkill and his sidekick, Dangerboat. “I would argue that Overkill and Dangerboat are the best parts of either season,” my wife said. I agree. In particular, there is one scene in the second season that slays me every time I watch it. I would provide a link but alas, it is not online. I’ll leave you with the official trailer for Season 2 from Prime Video, which also highlights the rest of the amazing ensemble cast:

This is a restart of a feature here on the blog that my wife and I started last year: What We’re Watching Wednesday. I thought this would be a good restart with all the hype over Avengers: Endgame since The Tick is a nice antidote to the (mostly) dourness of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Next week, Kim and I will share our favorite short season shows. Kim (mostly she) and I will address the elephant in the room, Game of Thrones, after it’s over.

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