What I’m Reading This Weekend…

Sarah Sammis of the blog Puss Reboots answered the often-asked question: “What are you reading this weekend?” with the fact that she doesn’t. Instead, she spends time with family, binges TV, and paints, she said. My own circumstance is a little different in that my wife and I have no children (by choice), she works a 12-hour shift Saturday (8 p.m.) into Sunday (8 a.m.) and then Sunday (8 p.m.) into Monday (8 p.m.) — which means she is sleeping for much of the day both days of a weekend, and I’m not an artist. So my own weekends usually but not always go like thism

If I’m not working at the library on a Saturday, usually once or twice a month, then I spend part of that day running errands and maybe some reading later in the day. Yesterday was different, though, as it was my wife’s birthday and I spent all day with her as she has a couple of days off from work. Growing up, I was taught and conditioned that Sundays are a day of rest. As an adult, I still try to adhere to that conditioning, because while my job isn’t as stressful as countless others, I deal with people a lot throughout the week and as an introvert, I need a day to rest. That rest includes, but is not limited to, reading.

I start my Sundays with reading and commenting on Sunday Salon posts, of which Sarah’s posts was one for this week, while listening to Guido’s Lounge Cafe on Mixcloud.

Then in the afternoon, if I’m not going to watch a NASCAR with my neighbor Mike in his ManCave, I read a book. For example, this afternoon I plan to start All Things Wise and Wonderful by James Herriot.

For Lent, I am reading Leaving Church: A Memoir by Barbara Brown Taylor, which I will read later this morning as part of my morning devotions, part of my everyday reading routine. I also plan to continue reading “Like This or Die: The Decline of Criticism in the Age of The Algorithm” by Christian Lorentzen from the April 1, 2019 edition of Harper’s Magazine, which was offered free via Amazon Prime Reading this past week. From what I’ve read so far, it might good for other book bloggers, especially those who do or continue to review books regularly, to read.

So that’s what I’m reading this weekend or what I plan to read anyway. What about you? What are you reading this weekend? Or are you reading this weekend? If not, what are you up to and what are you reading during the week?

27 thoughts on “What I’m Reading This Weekend…

  1. I always think I’ll read a lot on the weekends, but I don’t. We sleep in, go places, work around the house, watch tv together, but not that much reading gets done, unless I have a readathon as an excuse.


  2. Hi Bryan thanks for getting back in touch & visiting my blog. Nice hearing from you. I think it’s great you are reading James Herriot’s book. I read one of them long ago and I’ve always loved animals. I missed my calling to be a vet somewhere along the line. I try to read a bit on the weekends and currently I’m reading Susan Choi’s novel Trust Exercise. Cheers.


    1. I’ll be honest that I didn’t get to the reading like I planned on Sunday, but hopefully sometime this week and this coming weekend (Sunday). We have a former neighbor who became a vet. I don’t think I could do it.


  3. I said I was going to read this weekend but it didn’t happen so I can relate to that other blogger’s comment. We were by the beach most of the day Saturday. The weather was just too good. Sunday, busy with church and volunteering. Today I have a massive headache so I don’t see any reading getting done today either.


    1. I didn’t read much either Sunday. I ended up going to a neighbor’s to watch some of a NASCAR race and then spent time with my wife in the evening. I hope you can get some reading in sometime this week.


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