I read what I want…

…except when I don’t…

…read at all because I think too much about reading what others want me to read.

This is what has happened the past couple of weeks as I thought I should read two books that I don’t really want to read:

  • Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman
  • Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.

Both might be, and probably are, fine books, but really it’s not what I want to read.

I think tomorrow, Sunday, which for me has become a day I read or at least make the attempt to read, I will read All Things Wise and Wonderful by James Herriot. I already have read All Creatures Great and Small, and All Things Bright and Beautiful, and this is the third book in the series, according to the U.S. publication order of what originally was eight books in total in the U.K. The final two were published under the same titles on both sides of the Atlantic: The Lord God Made Them All and Every Living Thing. I think I will take a break from the series after this next one and finish those two later in the year, maybe during a couple of readathons.

Beyond that, I’m not completely sure, but I did clear most of my hold list at the library, except for Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back): A Memoir of Recording and Discording with Wilco, Etc. by Jeff Tweedy, the lead singer of the band Wilco. This probably won’t shock you, for those of you have been “following” me for a while, but I’ll probably be reading a mystery of some kind after All Things Wise and Wonderful.

Over the last two weeks I have mentioned on the blog here about changes coming to the library where I work. Now that those changes have been made publicly, I can mention it here: starting in April, the library is adding Sunday hours, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.,, and changing its Saturday hours to the same times to be consistent.

For those of you in larger areas of population, that might not seem like a big thing. However, for those of us in small areas like where I live and work, it is…or can be at least in theory, especially in light of blue laws which used to be in effect across our state (Pennsylvania). Those laws are gone, but in our small town, a lot of businesses still operate under their shadow.

As staff, we are making the best of the situation while trying to get our heads around all of the implications for us personally and for the community. Intertwined for me with all this is that I’m turning 50 in June, which happens to fall on a Sunday, and I’m beginning to think/rethink what I’m doing with my life. And that isn’t all a bad thing.

Along those same lines, “think/rethink what I’m doing with my life,” my wife and I this past week decided to delete our Facebook accounts. She already has deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts, and I will be soon. We will be deleting our Facebook accounts at the end of Lent (April 18), to give us time not only to say goodbye to our friends, but also to download any photos we might not have other places and disconnect any logins we have with other accounts (example: signing in with Facebook for Goodreads). Our reasons why?

…and the subject of another blog post (or two, with one being from my wife, which she already is working on and the other one that I have yet to formulate). Stay tuned!

So do you always read what you want? Either way, what are you reading lately? Anything good?

In case you missed it, on Wednesday, I posted my look back at last month and my look ahead to this coming month.

23 thoughts on “I read what I want…

  1. Sometimes I read a lot of what I “should” read rather than what I actually want to read. And then it starts feeling like homework, and I cleanse my brain by reading something fluffy. I read very systematically though, I’ll read several books at once, and just work on one chapter (or a certain number of pages) of each, and cycle back around again.

    Good idea giving up on Facebook. I thought about doing that myself, only it’s the way my mother in law sees pictures of the kids – and she loves seeing pictures of the kids. So I’ll keep it up right now. I almost never look through my feed, though. It feels like such a waste of time.


    1. I’ve tried several books at once. I just can’t do it. I’m too single-minded when it comes to reading.

      My side of the family lives close, within 60 miles, and my wife’s family doesn’t use Facebook regularly, so we’re good on that front. As for the feed, that is one of the reasons we’re leaving: the waste of time, not because of content, but often lack of content.


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